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April 10, 2017 — AMWA writes letter in support of California AB 1575 (labeling of chemical toxins used in nail salons)

April 10, 2017 — AMWA writes letter in support of California SB 245 (promoting foster youth sex education)

March 31, 2017 — Judge Gorsuch is Wrong for Supreme Court on Medical Aid-in-Dying Issue

March 29, 2017 — AMWA Stands with AAP on Executive Order Halting Clean Power Plan [AAP Statement]

March 22, 2017 — AMWA urges Congress to increase funding for research and services for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias
[House Letter] [Senate Letter]

March 16, 2017 – AMWA Statement on the American Healthcare Act (ACHA)

March 14, 2017 – Joint Letter in Support of the Offices of Minority Health

March 13, 2017 — AMWA joins in letter to the UN Secretary General during the UN Commission on the Status of Women to encourage the UN to strengthen its commitment and support so that feminist and women’s movements can have a strong, multi-cultural voice at the UN

March 12, 2017 — AMWA signs open letter from healthcare providers opposing the Travel Ban Executive Order

March 2, 2017 — AMWA joins Amici Curiae Brief supporting the rights of transgender individuals

February 27, 2017 — AMWA signs letter to President Trump regarding long-term hiring policy of the federal public health and biomedical research workforce

February 3, 2017 — AMWA joins in Amici Curiae brief to support the requirement that limited service pregnancy centers post signage indicating that they do not perform abortions nor offer full contraceptive services. No. 16-2325 U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit. Greater Baltimore Center for Pregnancy Concerns, Inc vs. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore

February 3, 2017 — AMWA signs provider letter in support of Planned Parenthood

January 19, 2017 – AMWA Statement on Possible ACA Repeal

January 17, 2017 — AMWA sends letter in support of B21-0038, the District of Columbia’s Death with Dignity Act

January 2017 — AMWA endorses the Defend Health protests in the wake of a possible ACA repeal