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AMWA Opposes Proposed Rule on Title X Funding

This past week, the HHS issued a proposed rule which will significantly affect the eligibility of entities who are eligible for Title X family planning funds.  Under this new rule, clinics who provide abortion services may no longer receive Title X funding. In addition, this rule will govern what an an individual physician is allowed to say to patients regarding abortion as a part of family planning.

AMWA stands opposed to the new regulation because it will impact the healthcare of millions of American women and their access to information and treatment.

In addition, the rule significantly intrudes on the sanctity of the physician – patient relationship and the ability of physicians to discuss with patients all possible options in family planning.

AMWA believes in the right of patients to have access to the full spectrum of legal medical services and the right for physicians to provide those services to their patients.

AMWA encourages members to speak out about the new ruling and contact their elected officials to make their voice heard.

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