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Position Statements

AMWA develops position papers based on resolutions passed by the organization. These papers serve as a valuable resource for members and staff in communicating AMWA policy on key issues and may act as a focus of our research and education efforts. An introduction summary of all of AMWA’s Position Papers can be found here or the full text version of the papers are below.

Endocrine Disruption and Breast Cancer Risk

The American Medical Women’s Association and the Breast Cancer Fund are concerned about the increasing prevalence of endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) in consumer products and the environment. EDCs have been linked to health effects as far ranging as reproductive outcomes, breast cancer, obesity, thyroid disease, and neurodevelopmental and behavioral disorders. We explore the rapidly evolving science on EDCs, including concerns about low dose exposures and critical periods of development; approaches to reduce exposures to EDCs among patients and in health care settings; and tips for public education.

Medical Risk Factor Screening for Cardiovascular Disease in Adults

Human Sex Trafficking

Emergency Contraception

Gender Equity

Sex and Gender Specific Medicine

Cervical Cancer Prevention

Health Care For All


Statement Against Sexual Violence


Maternity Leave During Training
Pregnancy During Schooling, Training & Early Practice Years


Genetic Testing
Aid In Dying


Comments Of The Patient, Consumer, and Public Health Coalition on Reclassification of External, Counter-Pulsating Devices for Treatment of Chronic Stable Angina and Effective Date of Requirement for Premarket Approval for External Counter-Pulsating Devices for Other Specified Intended Uses
Breast Cancer Detection
Breast Cancer Screening
Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer
Cerebrovascular Disease in Women
Prevention & Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer in Women
Domestic Violence
Lesbian Health Issues
Principals of Obesity & Overweight in the U.S.
Tobacco Control & Prevention
Women & Coronary Heart Disease
Iron Supplements for Women & GirlsCalcium Supplements for Women & Girls


Care of the Dependent Elderly
Dependent Care
Health Care Reform & Women’s Health
Universal Access to Health Care & Health System Reform


Abortion & Access to Comprehensive Reproductive Health Services
Emergency Contraception
Hormone Therapy  – AMWA Statement on the hormone therapy position statement: The American Medical Women’s Association Board of Directors unanimously and enthusiastically endorses the July 9, 2012 statement of the North American Menopause Society, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Endocrine Society, which defines the appropriate use of hormone therapy for symptomatic women, based on currently available data. We applaud them for their thoughtful and systematic evaluation of the available data, and their commitment to providing appropriate opinions to American women in this area of expertise.
Reproductive Health