Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (JEDI) Council

JOIN Diversity and Inclusion Committee (JEDI)


The Council on Diversity and Inclusion is charged with guiding AMWA leadership in implementing strategies to increase, enhance, and sustain diversity and inclusion within the organization and serve as the primary advisory body to the board of directors as well as the organization’s chapters and other affinity partners.

AMWA aims to leads by example—as reflected in our membership, through the impact of our initiatives, programming and resources, in our web content—so diversity, equity, and inclusiveness are reflected in every aspect of our efforts for and by members.  Our intention is to demonstrate diversity within our Board of Directors, the organization’s committee and community chairs, and among our trainee leadership.

The American Medical Women’s Association commits to recognizing, respecting, and including members who vary in stage of careers, age, creed, culture, race and ethnicity, gender, gender identity, political affiliation, religion, sexual orientation, size, medical specialty, hobbies and persona pursuits, and socioeconomic characteristics among women in medicine and our male allies.

AMWA has met with numerous successes since formalizing these efforts in 2014.

The American Medical Women’s Association is committed to delivering:

  • Membership and leadership that are representative of women across medicine
  • Programs, content, and information that acknowledges all members and leaders from multiple healthcare organizations, stakeholders, physicians, trainees, and students
  • Pursuit of knowledge in medicine and applicability of this knowledge through myriad traditions, cultures, races, sex and gender orientation
  • Accountability and action towards the inclusion of all, and management of diversity

We provide a convivial environment that encourages engagement and collaboration among all members.  You are encouraged to share your ideas so we can support your continuous personal and professional growth, and academic attainment, and success.

AMWA’s Approach to Inclusivity

Fundamental to AMWA is the advancement of women in medicine—Leading with an expectation of inclusive excellence in everything that we do—through initiatives, content, and statements, member development, and across our partnerships.

As a community of women physicians, doctors-in-training, researchers, and health practitioners, our goal is to elevate participation and foster leadership of women with a keen commitment to minorities and underrepresented groups (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color [BIPoC]), LGBTQA+, women physicians in the military , international medical grads, and people with disabilities within the organization and in the broader medical community.

Consistent with our founding principles, we recognize that our newly trained physicians and the patients that we serve are from increasingly diverse racial, ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds and communities as well as persons with disabilities.

Poster and Research Conducted by D&I Members


Diversity Dialogues Podcast

AMWA Diversity Dialogues is an interdisciplinary podcast that is designed to promote diversity of thought through unfiltered and honest conversations about all topics related to diversity and inclusion, that highlight the disparities and inequities in medicine and population health and what we can do about it.

Listen to the latest podcast and enjoy past episodes

Diversity Dialogues is also available on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

JEDI Outreach

Diversity and Inclusion gains focused attention through the following communities:

To ensure that issues related to under-represented patients, their families, and communities are addressed, AMWA members are active as liaisons on various committees in the American Medical Association, including:

Heritage Months

Our committee celebrates the following heritage months and highlight programs of interest to our members. Email us, tweet us, or post on Facebook activities and updates so we can highlight your activities!

  • February – Black History Month
  • May – Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month
  • September/October – Hispanic Heritage Month
  • November – National Native American Heritage Month

Connect with Us!

Work of the AMWA Council on Diversity & Inclusion invites physicians as well as residents, med students, and pre-meds to join in these efforts.

To become involved, CONTACT:

Chief Diversity Officer
Dr. Neelum Aggarwal

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