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AMWA Supports ACR Resolution on Patient-Physician Relationship

AMWA supports the ACR’s resolution on the patient-physician relationship and appreciates the importance of the ACRs work.

At the American College of Radiology’s Centennial meeting in Washington DC this week a grassroots effort from diagnostic and interventional radiologists, nuclear medicine physicians, radiation oncologists and medical physicists culminated in passage of a resolution that will affirm ACR’s opposition to government and other third-party interference in the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship.

The resolution, passed with overwhelming support by the ACR Council comprising delegates from State Chapters across the country, requires the ACR to oppose any government regulation or legislative action that would criminalize physicians and other medical imaging professionals for providing evidence-based medical care within the scope of their training, professional judgment, and nationally recognized professional practice guidelines.

Testimony from radiology leaders highlighted the difficult decisions for which patients need the support and care of imaging experts from cancer to twin-twin transfusion. Members shared powerful personal stories as well as their experience in the rapidly evolving landscape of State abortion laws since the Dobbs decision to overturn Roe v Wade. The potential to be accused of a felony was described as having a chilling effect on the ability to provide the best care to patients.

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