Career Transitions

AMWA Supports You at All Stages of Your Career

AMWA aims to support women in medicine at all stages of their careers. We especially want to provide support during career transitions. Be sure to tap into AMWA’s vast network to find colleagues, mentors, or sponsors who can help you on your journey. We also hope that you will be a resource to other members who are on the same journey. We are excited to launch a new mentorship platform that will make it easier for women in medicine to connect as well as a leadership development program designed to help our members develop the skills they need at each stage of their career.

Are you negotiating a contract for a new job? AMWA has partnered with Karen Davidson to provide legal triage. Take advantage of that and other member benefits, including discounts on board review courses and more. Take advantage of valuable CME courses available to members on creating your own brand, overcoming imposter syndrome, advocating for gender equality, and more.

Taking Time Off or Changing Your Career

Taking time off from your career may offer an opportunity to spend more time with family or pursue a passion that you have always wanted to develop. Consider engaging in one of AMWA’s Medical Humanities Communities if you enjoy art, music, film, writing, history, dance, or theater. Stay engaged with physicians through the AMWA community.

Or are you looking to pursue a different avenue in your career? AMWA’s network includes leaders who have pursued varied paths in medicine ranging from clinical medicine, research, academia, entrepreneurship, industry, technology, government, writing, and more. Find a mentor as you explore new career avenues.

Physician Reentry

Have you taken some time off from clinical medicine and are now ready to come back? Visit AMWA’s physician reentry webpage to learn about valuable resources that will help you transition back to patient care.


Network with senior AMWA women physicians and find meaning in valuable mentoring opportunities as you share wisdom gained from your career. Join a group of likeminded physicians who are discussing issues like caregiving and work/life balance for physicians later in their careers and the fact that “challenges faced by women physicians don’t disappear with age.”