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AMWA has been changing the face of medicine for nearly 100 years. No matter where you go, AMWA has an extensive network of women in medicine both locally and nationally. With these friends and professional contacts in AMWA you will have a powerful local and national network for personal and professional growth. AMWA continues to develop and encourages women to work together to advance their careers. AMWA established the Networking Alliance which pulls together all organizations representing women in medicine including women in specialty organizations.

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Become part of our vibrant community online and keep up with networking, mentoring, advocacy, leadership, funding and fellowship opportunities that will change your life through AMWA’s growing networks online. Join the conversation on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the AMWA blog.

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Connect Locally

Locate AMWA colleagues and mentors through our member services database, sign up for leadership roles and give back to your local community through initiatives as a branch member. If an AMWA branch doesn’t exist in your area, start one! Email associatedirector@amwa-doc.org for more information, we will help you make the connections you need!

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Connect Nationally

The largest networking event of the year is the AMWA annual meeting which takes place in different locations across the United States of America. The annual meeting is the leading strategic career and personal development conference for women physicians, medical students and residents. Session topics range from mentoring and breaking the glass ceiling to issues in global women’s health such as stroke risk, cardiovascular disease, the human papilloma virus, and advances in imaging. AMWA invites women in medicine to attend this meeting and learn from pre-eminent women physician leaders of today and tomorrow.

AMWA also enables members to connect nationally through our Student Hosting Program. Are you traveling and need a place to stay or want to save some money? Locate an AMWA member in our Student Hosting Program and save tons of money during your travels. This is especially helpful for residency interviews.

Connect Internationally

Become an AMWA member and you are automatically a member of an international network of women physicians called the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA). The MWIA is an international non-governmental organziation (NGO) representing women doctors from all five continents. The association was founded in 1919 by Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy, one of AMWA’s past presidents.  The MIWA holds its Congress triennially.  AMWA was honored to host the 100th Anniversary MWIA Congress in New York City in 2019.

AMWA also provides international opportunities for women in medicine through the American Women’s Hospitals Service and the Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellowship.

  • Support from our American Women’s Hospitals Service (AWHS) provides care to the poor and under served in the U.S. and abroad
  • AWHS Overseas Assistance Grants provide travel funds for medical students and residents working in clinics around the world
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