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“At the core of UNLADYLIKE2020 are the rich biographies of 26 trailblazing American women who broke barriers in male-dominated fields at the turn of the 20th century, such as science, business, politics, journalism, sports, and the arts, including the first woman to found a hospital on a Native American reservation, serve in the U.S. Congress, become a bank president, earn an international pilot’s license, lead scientific expeditions in the Arctic, sing opera at Carnegie Hall, or direct a feature-length movie. Presenting history in a bold new way, we bring extraordinary stories of daring and persistence back to life through rare archival imagery, captivating original artwork and animation, and interviews with historians, descendants, and accomplished women of today who reflect upon the influence of these pioneers.”



Screening Information: Currently, online screenings of the film are free of charge. Access the shorts here. The three women physicians featured are Dr. Susan La Flesche Picotte, Dr. Margaret Chung, and Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon.

We request speaker honoraria for filmmaker panels or Q&A’s after the shorts. After August 26, 2020, all screening requests will go through, pricing will vary. Please email with any questions.

For free discussion guides/educational curricula, please click here.

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