Caring for the Caregiver


As the U.S. population continues to age, the caregiving burden will only continue to increase. At some point in their lives, many individuals will take on the role of caring for friends, family members, or others. For some, this may be in a professional capacity, and for others, an act of love. Launched in partnership with the film, Caregiver: A Love Story, this initiative will raise awareness, provide resources, and most importantly, sound a call to action for a growing public health issue — the importance of caring for the caregiver.

Caregiver: A Love Story

From 2020-2021, AMWA hosted a one-hour CME/CE Program (film + lecture) for physicians, nurses, and social workers. Learn how you can screen the film at your institution or hospital.

Award-winning film (Best Short Documentary, SF Jewish Film Festival 2020) by Dr. Jessica Zitter, (author of Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life*). “Caregiver: A Love Story highlights an essential, yet largely unseen workforce–the family caregivers of America…When 59-year-old Bambi decides to forgo further treatment for her cancer and die at home her husband Rick leaves his job to beome her primary caregiver–a role for which he has no experience and little support.” Learn more about the film.


Caregiver: A Love Story – Trailer from Jessica Zitter on Vimeo.





National Family Caregivers Month 2020

AMWA screening and discussion with Dr. Jessica Zitter

National Family Caregivers Month, November 2020

Caregiver: A Love Story

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Resources and Services

Military Resources

Military Resources

Blue Star Caregivers (Caregivers: Helping Strong Families be Even Stronger)

Easter Seals: Military & Veteran Caregivers

Elizabeth Dole Foundation  (Caring for Military Families)

Getting to Know Military Caregivers and Their Needs  (RAND Solution)

Military Caregiver Support Resources (Caregivers Resources)

Military OneSource: Support for Military Personnel & Families (Part of Department of Defense’s Network of Support for the Military Community) 

Red Cross: Military and Veteran Caregiver Network 

VA Caregiver Support (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)

VA Family Caregiver Program  (

VA Geriatrics and Extended Care (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)



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Nov. 18, 2020, 8 pm EST:  Special Film Screening and Discussion with the Producer/Director

About Us

About Us

This initiative was formed in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Zitter and the film, Caregiver: A Love Story.

Dr. Jessica Zitter – Producer/Director, Caregiver: A Love Story and Author, Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life*
Dr. Eliza Chin – AMWA Executive Director
Emily Chen – AMWA Project Coordinator
Kayla Li – AMWA Assistant Director
Magda Wojtara & Brianna Fitzpatrick- AMWA Student Researchers

*As an Amazon Affiliate, AMWA earns a commission from qualifying purchases.

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*As an Amazon Affiliate, AMWA earns a commission from qualifying purchases.