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Ms. Diagnosed Screenings Extended to Aug. 31 – and adding residency programs.

UPDATE January 15, 2024

AMWA has renewed the license from 2/1/24 – 4/1/24 for screenings of Ms. Diagnosed by AMWA student branches and residency programs where there is an AMWA affiliated member. Sign up here to host a screening.

The American Medical Women’s Association has obtained an expanded limited license to screen Ms. Diagnosed: The Movie through AMWA medical and premedical branches – AND ANY RESIDENCY PROGRAM WITH WHICH AN AMWA MEMBER IS AFFILIATED  until August 31, 2023.
This documentary reveals the inequities in medicine that can result from lack of understanding sex and gender differences in healthcare. Specifically, it follows the journeys of several patients and how their misdiagnosis led to potentially life-threatening situations. The film also showcases AMWA leader, Dr. Alyson McGregor, author of Sex Matters: How Male-centric Medicine Endangers Women’s Health and What We Can Do About It.
A testimonial about the film screening –
“This film proved what I have already witnessed in the hospital when it comes to taking the health of women seriously. It’s devastating. Ms. Diagnosed brought to light these disparities through the stories of four incredibly different women who all shared one unfortunate feature: their gender. It is a miracle that these women are here to tell their stories and pave the way for change within our healthcare system.”

View the trailer and sign up to host a screening!

These documentary screenings are part of AMWA’s commitment to promote awareness of sex and gender specific healthcare as well as our interest in promoting the medical humanities as a way of enhancing education, both for medical professionals and the general public. View our Media AMWA Exhibition to learn about other films that can be used for education and advocacy and learn more about the AMWA Sex and Gender Health Collaborative.

AMWA student members also have the opportunity to gift their medical education dean a copy of the new textbook, How Sex and Gender Impact Clinical Practice: An Evidence-Based Guide to Patient Care.


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