Physicians – Leadership Opportunities & Elections


Committee Leadership and Liaisons

AMWA has numerous initiatives and programs which provide ample opportunities for members to get involved. The first step is joining a committee or initiative. If you would like to help lead the initiative, please talk to the current chair / co-chair. If there is no lead, and you would like to step into that role, please contact

Call for AMWA Board of Directors Nominations

Elections have closed for the 2024 – 2025 Officers and Board of Directors. Please check back in June/July 2024 when applications will open again. View the candidate statements here.


The President-Elect position is a 3-year term, serving one year each as President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President. The other open positions for Treasurer and Member-at-Large positions are 2-year terms, eligible to run for a second term.

President-Elect assists the President in all matters related to AMWA and performs duties as may be specified from time to time by the President, the Executive Committee, or the Board of Directors.

The President oversees the Board of Directors and supports the Executive Director in operating AMWA in all activities subject to policies and budget as adopted by the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, or by any other committee to which the Board of Directors has delegated power for such action. The President presides at all meetings of the members, the Board of Directors, and the Executive Committee.

The Immediate Past President acts in an advisory capacity to the other officers of AMWA, represents other committees and task groups as deemed necessary by the Governance Committee, and performs all other duties incidental to the office.


Oversee financial transactions of AMWA and ensure adherence to the approved budget. Participate in fund-raising efforts.


Member-at-large director supports the mission and vision of AMWA by overseeing the business and affairs of AMWA. Directors are expected to actively serve on at least one AMWA committee.

Apply if you are interested in furthering the mission of AMWA to advance women in medicine, advocate for equity, and ensure excellence in health care. Applicants for the President-Elect position should also have significant past involvement with AMWA. Positions on the Board offer a unique opportunity to serve AMWA at the national level and gain valuable leadership skills in an organization with a century-plus legacy.