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The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) recognizes the importance and value of learning from women in medicine who have walked that road already. No need to learn the hard way when AMWA members are ready and willing to offer guidance, insights, and information to help smooth your way forward as you progress through each stage of your medical career.

We are lucky that many AMWA members want to mentor so we have invested in a one-stop, comprehensive Mentor Matching Platform to make the first step—connecting mentors with mentees—easy. Please take full advantage of this invaluable membership benefit.

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Learn from the Women Who Are Blazing the Trail

Effective mentorship is likely one of the most important determinants of career success. AMWA realizes that preparing women in medicine to pursue satisfying, rewarding careers requires communication of “unwritten rules” and “tricks of the trade” to advance.  As a member of AMWA, you have access to an extensive network of women physicians and medical students ready to support you.

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AMWA focuses on effective mentor-mentee interactions based on support, challenge, and a vision of the mentee’s future career. AMWA mentors encourage mentees to think strategically about a career in medicine and to embrace the necessary resources needed at different stages of your career.

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As an AMWA member, you can request to be mentored and you can offer to serve as a mentor in AMWA at any time. The only requirement is that you’re membership is up-to-date.  To get started, create a profile and get matched by answering a few questions.

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Young AMWA leaders are working with AMWA physicians in more than 125 academic medical centers across the US. AMWA further maintains its commitment to mentoring the next generation of women leaders through webinars on career development, a networking alliance of women physician leaders, media training, and the gender equity task force that advocates for equal pay, transparency of pay scale, more women in positions of leadership and elimination of gender stereotyping and harassment.

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