AMWA’s Fellowship Program

The American Medical Women’s Association Fellowship Program serves to recognize and honor distinguished members of AMWA who have accomplished outstanding achievements in science, medicine or academia. This program was founded by AMWA Past President, Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla, as one of AMWA’s Centennial Initiatives. Selective criteria is used to determine which applicants will be honored as an AMWA fellow.  Applications will be reviewed quarterly and candidates awarded fellowship will be invited to the fellowship induction ceremony held yearly at AMWA’s Annual national meeting.  AMWA’s first class of fellows was inducted at AMWA’s Centennial Meeting in 2015.  Maintenance of AMWA’s fellowship status requires continued national membership in AMWA.

AMWA Fellowship Criteria:

  1. Leadership:  Evidence of at least 2 years in a leadership position locally or nationally.
  2. Teaching:  Have at least 5 years of teaching or mentoring to students or trainees at any level.
  3. Publications:  Candidates must have contributed to publications that contribute to professional knowledge or to the medical community.
  4. AMWA ambassadorship, service and membership:  Candidates must have demonstrated at least 5 years of active leadership involvement in support of AMWA’s mission and vision either at the branch or national level.  Candidates must be a national member of AMWA in good standing.
  5. Extra consideration may be given to candidates who have achieved additional post-graduate training, who have worked in policy or advocacy, public service, or who have achieved significant leadership and recognition in other areas.
  6. Integrity: Candidates must have a professional record free of any convictions, felonies, misdemeanors or revoked licensure.
  7. Applicants must be board certified in their field or (if currently retired) have been board certified while in practice.
  8. Clinical practice: Candidates must have at least 5 years of clinical practice or professional experience post residency/training.
  9. Candidates must be endorsed in writing by at least 2 AMWA leaders (national or local leader) through letters of recommendation or using the endorsement form link provided below. If you qualify for our fast track program, you will NOT need to submit letters of recommendation. Please read below for more information on the fast track program.

Each of the above criteria will be assessed and weighted accordingly to guidelines determined by the AMWA Board of Directors.  A cumulative score will be tabulated to evaluate fellowship candidacy.

Fast Track Program

If you are already a Fellow of a recognized professional medical society (such as the ACP, ACOG, ACS etc), you may qualify for our special “fast track to AMWA fellowship” program. Please email your CV to and to and use the link below to pay the online application fee to be considered. If you qualify for fast track, you will not need endorsement forms or to fill out the online application.** Qualification for fast track will be determined by the fellowship committee. Applicants for fast track must have served AMWA in a leadership capacity and have worked towards AMWA’s mission to advance women’s health and women in medicine.

There is a program application fee of $199. This application fee will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee  in the event that your application for fellowship is denied.

The program application fee must be paid in full to complete your application before review.

National membership status in good standing is required to complete your application.

**Please update your CV to reflect any credentials/professional experience from the criteria above to avoid any delay in reviewing and processing your application.


AMWA Fellowship Pin

amwa-fellowship-pinAMWA has released a newly-designed Fellowship pin.

The American Medical Women’s Association Fellowship Program serves to recognize and honor distinguished members of AMWA who have accomplished outstanding achievements in science, medicine or academia.

AMWA Fellowship Induction Pledge

As a Fellow of the American Medical Women’s Association,
I affirm my commitment
To the highest traditions of the medical profession,
To the ethical practice of medicine,
To my professional integrity, and
My pursuit of knowledge.
I will continue to act in the best interests of my patients,
Seek advice when needed, and
Respect my colleagues.
I will provide assistance to those in need to the best of my ability.
I pledge
To support the mission and vision of the American Medical Women’s Association,
To strive to improve the health of women and all people,
To help advance women in medicine,
To serve and respect this Association, and
To uphold the highest standards of this Association and the medical profession.

2024 Fellows

Shweta Akhouri, MD, FAAFP, DABOM FAMWA
Cuckoo Choudhary, MD, FACP, AGAF, FAMWA
Bisi Alli, DO, MS, FACP, dipABLM, FAMWA
Marion McCrary, MD FACP, FAMWA
Amna Anees, MD, FACP, FAMWA
Katherine M. Sharkey, MD, PhD, FAMWA

2023 Fellows

Deborah Kwolek, MD, FACP, NCMP
Olapeju Simoyan MD, MPH, BDS, FAAFP, FASAM

2022 Fellows

Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH, SFHM, MACP
Nicole G. Bentze, DO, FAAFP
Wendi Willis El-Amin, MD
Darilyn V. Moyer, MD, FACP, FRCP, FIDSA
Stacy Sattovia, MD, MBA, FACP
Vidya Sundareshan, MD, MPH, FACP

2021 Fellows

Susan D. Carter, MD
Monica D. Ormeno, DO
Vidhya Prakash, MD
Fatima Cody Stanford, MD
Janice Werbinski, MD

2020 Fellows

Danielle Barnes, MD, LCDR MC USN
Janelle Marra. DO

2019 Fellows

Neelum Aggarwal, MD
Wendy Bernstein, MD, MBA, FASA
Stephanie Bonne, MD, FACS
Nancy Church, MD
Helane Fronek MD, FACP, FACPh
Susan Hingle, MD, MACP
Satty Keswani, MD
Kari Nelson, MD
Ana Maria Viamonte Ros, MD, MPH
Kanani Titchen, MD, FAAP
Tina Schade Willis, MD
Dawn Wyllie, MD, MPH, FAAFP

2018 Fellows

Dr. Sharon Battista
Dr. Monica Broome
Dr. Paulette Cazares
Dr. Claudia Morrissey Conlon
Dr. Roberta Gebhard

2017 Fellows

Dr. Neelum Aggarwal
Dr. Lynda Kabbash
Dr. Stacey Watt

2016 Fellows

Dr. Holly Atkinson
Dr. Allison Batchelor
Dr. Chemen Tate
Dr. Shahnaz Fatteh
Dr. Mary Guinan
Dr. Janet Osuch
Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode
Dr. Nicole Sandhu
Dr. Kimberly Templeton
Dr. Luanne Thorndyke

2015 Inaugural Fellows

Dr. Eliza Chin
Dr. Diana Galindo
Dr. Connie Newman
Dr. Farzanna Haffizulla
Dr. Suzanne Harrison
Dr. Omega Logan Silva
Dr. Padmini Murthy
Dr. Theresa Rohr Kirchgraber
Dr. Laurel Waters