Welcome to the American Medical Women's Association Medical Student Division!

The great thing about AMWA is it puts you in touch with a network of other medical students who are interested in things like similar research or a similar women's health issue and a network of physicians... our members are exceptionally eager to work together and collaborate.

Adrienne Clark, M.D.

I first joined AMWA as a medical student because I wanted to learn about more ways to advance my career- when I joined I learned that mentorship was more than just advice. Mentors thought of me for open positions and helped me find a job. This was instrumental in advancing my career.

Ryan Smith, M.D

Through AMWA I traveled to Uganda to work in a public health care clinic as well as visiting schools for malaria education.... It was one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences of my life and that wouldn't have been possible unless I had joined AMWA and become an Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellow.

Savitha Bonthala, D.O./M.P.H.

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Global Health Opportunities

The mission of our Global Health division is to connect AMWA medical student members with resources for service and advocacy in global health.

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Advocacy Initiatives

AMWA is dedicated to advancing women in medicine and to improving women’s health via advocacy for women in the legal, social, and educational realms.

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Traveling for residency interviews or conferences? Stay with a fellow AMWA member and save money on your next trip!

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Perhaps you’re wondering why you should join the AMWA Medical Student Division. After all, as you look around your medical school classes, you notice that there are just as many women as men, so who needs an organization to advocate for and support the interests of female medical students? Well, the answer is that you need us and we need you. Continue reading to learn more about why you should join AMWA’s Medical Student Division today!

AMWA membership is open to all those who wish to advance women in medicine and promote the health of women and their families. We actively welcome members from BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities to join our AMWA family!

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