Student Division

AMWA Student Hosting Program

The AMWA Student Hosting Program provides 4th year medical student members on the residency interviewing trail with the opportunity to stay with local women physicians, resident-physicians, and medical students. This helps to defray the costs of interviewing, and also allows for students to meet physicians and physicians-in-training who are part of the community surrounding their potential residency program. This program is a perfect way for AMWA members to directly support other women in medicine.


  • Participants must be National AMWA Student Member
    • Not a national member yet? Sign up here!

NEW FOR 2020-2021: Requesting a Virtual Host

Given the virtual nature of the 2020-2021 interview season, we have put together a Virtual Bed and Breakfast Resource. National AMWA Student Members can connect 1:1 with mentors to learn more about what it’s like to live, train and practice medicine in cities across the nation. Members can access the virtual database here. 

Requesting a Host

If you are interested in finding a host, please login to the AMWA website to access the host database.

If you have any difficulties please feel free to contact the Student Programming Chair at

*Note to students: Remember that hosts are volunteering their time and space. Please be courteous and respectful in your communications and during your time as a house guest. Consider bringing a small thank you gift to your host, i.e. Starbucks card, mug from your medical school, etc. Additionally, please note that hosts will only provide lodging for students.

Becoming a Host

If you are interested in signing up to host a student, please read the requirements below and update your AMWA member profile as indicated below.

Sign up to be a host:

  • Login to the AMWA website
  • Go to your “Member Home” page (this should be your default when logging in or can be accessed by clicking the “Member Home” button on the top of the page)
  • Edit your contact information by clicking “EDIT MY CONTACT INFORMATION
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “YES” to the question: I can host visitors
  • Save your membership settings

Host Expectations:

  • Potential host must currently be a practicing female physician, resident-physician, or medical student
  • Host must live within reasonable driving distance of medical center/institution
  • Host is able to provide a clean, reasonable sleeping accommodation in a semi-private or private setting


Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I request a host?

This program is operated as a “first come, first serve” volunteer effort. We ask that you submit hosting requests at least 30 days in advance so that prospective hosts can more easily accommodate you.

Do I need to do anything after participating in the AMWA Student Hosting Program?

Yes! We ask that you send a thank-you note to your host and sign up to become a AMWA Student Host, if you have not already done so.

Is the AMWA Student Hosting Program available in every city, every day of the year?

This is a volunteer effort administered by AMWA for and by its members. Although we have a rapidly expanding pool of hosts, please understand that this program may not be available in every destination city on every date. In general, requests for Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, and New Year’s Day cannot be filled. Requests for other stays around the holidays may be difficult to fulfill.

May I bring my partner?

Out of respect for our hosts, this program provides hosting for individual AMWA members only.

I am no longer able to serve as a host. How do I remove my contact information from the database?

Login to your member profile as described in the “Sign up to be a host” section above. Change your response to “NO” for the question: I can host visitors. Then save the changes to your member profile.

I have a question not answered on this page. How can I learn more?

Your support and participation in AMWA Student Hosting Program is greatly appreciated! Please contact the student division programming chair at if you have any questions or would like additional information.