Medical Student Division

Start A New Branch

Thank you for your interest in starting a new AMWA Student Branch!  Your initiative confirms that you also believe in the promise of women in medicine.  As the founder of an official AMWA student branch, you will participate in a long tradition of working to advance the needs of women in medicine.  AMWA provides its student members with invaluable benefits, such as professional support and friendship, opportunities for mentoring by established female physicians, and support for career and leadership development.  AMWA also offers various scholarships and grants, overseas training opportunities, and free lodging for residency interviews.  With over 150 student branches in allopathic and osteopathic medical schools throughout the U.S. and the Caribbean, you are joining forces with thousands of student members in celebrating the achievements of women in medicine while working to secure a brighter future for women. Now let’s get you started!

Premedical Branches: please visit the Start a Premed Branch page for premed specific information.

Getting Started

Listed below are the steps you need to take in order to become an official AMWA Student Branch.

  • Identify a minimum of 5 active student AMWA members.
    • This may include students enrolled in accredited medicine and health-related graduate programs. Find out who is eligible to join here.
    • Students are not considered AMWA members until they have registered as a member with national AMWA and paid membership dues.
    • You should encourage as many potential members as possible to join AMWA!
  • Contact your institution’s Student Affairs Office, or equivalent entity, to get started with the process of establishing AMWA as a new student group at your school.
  • Establish a branch bank account through your school.
  • Identify a faculty advisor.
  • Organize your first meeting:
    • Elect an executive board. Only AMWA National Members are eligible for leadership positions.
    • Determine your AMWA branch objectives for the upcoming year, including fundraising, community service, advocacy, and other projects. Additional branch resources can be found here.
  • Familiarize yourself with the materials on the Student Home Page and Premed Student Home Page.
  • Email the following information to the National Medical Student PresidentNational Recruitment Chair, and your Regional Director:
    • Leadership List:
      • Names of elected officials
      • Email addresses
    • Your Branch Bylaws
    • List of national AMWA Branch Members
    • Name and email of the chapter faculty advisor

After AMWA receives the above information, we will approve your Bylaws and send your president a branch number. You are now an approved student branch. Welcome to AMWA!


Branch Bylaws

Before you become an officially approved AMWA Student Branch, you need to establish a set of Bylaws, by which your branch plans to abide. Below you can download a copy of suggested student branch bylaws. Do not forget to mail a copy of your branch bylaws to the aforementioned national AMWA leaders!

Download Suggested Student Branch Bylaws

Additional Tips

  • It may be desirable to seek a faculty member who is willing to serve as a branch advisor, even if it is not required by your institution.
  • As new members join, please be sure that you have verification of their registration with national AMWA.
  • Please keep your Regional Director up-to-date on your branch’s leadership contact information, especially after leadership transitions.
  • Please encourage your members to read their monthly AMWA emails, including NewsFlash and Student NewsFlash. Feel free to send information about events held at your local institution to the National Medical Student Secretary (Premeds: National Premed Secretary) to be included in the Student NewsFlash.
  • Please encourage your members to apply for featured opportunities and awards.
  • Please encourage branch members to become involved in leadership activities at the local and national levels. There are outstanding opportunities that often arise for those who become involved in leadership roles!

Membership Brochure

Download the Membership Brochure