Premedical Student Division

Start A New Branch

Thank you for your interest in starting a new AMWA Student Branch!  Your initiative confirms that you also believe in the promise of women in medicine.  As the founder of an official AMWA premedical branch, you will participate in a long tradition of working to advance the needs of women in medicine.  AMWA provides its student members with invaluable benefits, such as professional support and friendship, opportunities for mentoring by established female physicians, and support for career and leadership development.  AMWA also offers various scholarships and grants, overseas training opportunities, and free lodging for residency interviews.  You are joining forces with hundreds of premedical members in celebrating the achievements of women in medicine while working to secure a brighter future for women. Now let’s get you started!

What You Will Need

To become an official AMWA Premed Branch, hold your first meeting then email the Premedical President, VP of Recruitment, and your Regional Director with the following items:

☐   Names and emails of 5 members that have registered through our national website
☐   Your School’s Constitution & Bylaws (templates provided in branch toolkit)
☐   Officer names, positions, email addresses, and current AMWA premed member status
☐   Designate which officer will serve as your national liaison to fill out monthly forms
☐   Your Branch’s Email Address (e.g., amwa[universityname]
☐   Faculty advisor name, title, email address, and good contact number

Important Things to Note:

  • Students are not considered AMWA members until they have registered as a member with national AMWA and paid membership dues. This means that if a person puts AMWA on their job or medical school applications, National AMWA will not be able to verify that claim unless they have registered as a national member. So you should encourage as many potential members as possible to join AMWA!
  • Contact your institution’s Student Affairs Office, or equivalent entity, to get started with the process of establishing AMWA as a new student group at your school.
  • Establish a branch bank account through your school. You may need to get a Tax ID number through the IRS for this. 

Your First Meeting

☐   Elect an executive board (only National Members are eligible for leadership positions)
☐   Agree on Branch Constitution and Bylaws
☐   Set branch goals for your first year based on the Active Branch Requirements
☐   Decide on fundraising strategies and advocacy initiatives
☐   Complete all necessary paperwork to be a registered organization at your school
☐   Familiarize yourselves with the Branch Toolkit and Premedical division of the website

Your First Year and Beyond

☐   As new members join, verify their National Membership
☐   Continuously update branch leadership information with your Regional Director
☐   Send in monthly updates to your Regional Director when prompted
☐   Complete the Annual Report at the end of each academic year
☐   Have your leadership all follow the Regional and National Facebook pages
☐   Encourage your members to participate in opportunities posted on social media
☐   Continue to check the Branch Toolkit for updated documents and templates

Membership Brochure

Download the Membership Brochure