AMWA Advocacy

AMWA is a leading advocate for gender equity, women’s health, and research.

AMWA works to bring under-addressed issues to the national agenda. We are an active participant in setting national health care policy and influencing legislation on women’s health issues.  During AMWA’s advocacy day on Capitol Hill, we convene in Washington D.C. to discuss the year’s most important topics with our legislators.

Join AMWA’s Advocacy and Policy Committee

Throughout the year, AMWA’s Advocacy and Policy Committee reads and reviews current health policy and upcoming health legislation. View Our Advocacy Timeline. Join AMWA’s Advocacy and Policy Committee to:

  • Advise stakeholders on legislation, regulations, and policies at the state and local level
  • Develop Position Papers on key health and policy issues
  • Partner with Coalitions to improve health care access and services

Take Action, Get Involved Now!

Champion a cause or initiative and become a spokesperson in your community or on the national stage. We can help you every step of the way. AMWA provides you with the opportunity and support to learn about timely research and legislation on women and girls in medicine. Check out the AMWA advocacy opportunities below!