Certificate in Leadership Essentials
for Women Trainees

An 8-month competency-focused, group coaching program

Rise to Your Potential. Discover New Possibilities. Achieve Career Satisfaction


As physicians, you are typically viewed as leaders in your community, at the clinic, and by your patients. Yet, few physicians receive any formal or specific preparation in leadership development during residency or fellowship.

AMWA recognizes the common barriers often faced by women trainees, and responded with AMWA EVOLVE—A Certification in Leadership Essentials for Women in Residency. This 8-month program guides participants to find a more satisfying balance between competing demands at work and home, as well as managing biases commonly faced by women in medicine, particularly for those in male-centric specialties. Through carefully curated competencies, you will gain the knowledge, insights, and assurance to be a more effective leader in your chosen path in medicine.


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Next Cohort to Begin in September 2023

What You Can Expect from this Certificate in Leadership Essentials

AMWA EVOLVE introduces a monthly self-guided module for each competency area to be explored and discussed through 90-minute facilitated group coaching so you are able to apply the concepts personally. AMWA also asks that you mentor a small group of medical students as a way to develop your skills and share your growth. You will receive plenty of support and guidance through the AMWA Mentorship platform.

AWMA EVOLVE runs from September to May (with a break in January).  Each competency topic will be presented twice each month to provide you with plenty of flexibility to be able to attend one session per month.

Participant Commitment

To earn the AMWA EVOLVE Certificate in Leadership Essentials for Women Trainees, you must complete post-session monthly reflections and assessments, attend at least 6 of 8 group sessions, and give back as a mentor. This program is available exclusively to AMWA members.


AMWA EVOLVE Course Fee: $160 


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AMWA EVOLVE Leadership Modules

The 8 Leadership Competencies include:

What is your Why?

  • Discover your own unique reason/motivation behind your interest or involvement in leadership. Coming back to this in times of stress will help keep you grounded and focused on your values.

Discovering your Strengths

  • What are your personal strengths (leadership and otherwise)? How do you show up as a leader in the most effective and efficient way possible? This topic will utilize your CliftonStrengths assessment to guide the discussion!

Becoming an Authentic Leader

  • How do you lead authentically? Do you experience Imposter Phenomenon—and if so, how can you manage feelings of self-doubt? We will explore these topics and discover how you can stay true to yourself and develop a strong sense of leadership.

Facing Gender Bias, and Microaggressions

  • We’ll take a closer look at common patterns and experiences so you will recognize issues of bias and microaggressions and gain the skills to handle circumstances when it’s directed at you or a peer.

Handling Difficult Conversations

  • How do you approach uncomfortable discussions (like feedback sessions, evaluations, etc)? Do you feel uncomfortable even thinking about these types of conversations? We will take a closer look and discuss some approaches to dealing with these inevitable moments.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • As a leader, you will be in the position to both give and receive feedback. How do you know if you are truly listening? Are you receptive? How can these kinds of conversations be done effectively? Effective strategies will be presented and practiced.

Developing Financial Fitness

  • You have debt, and you have dreams. Learn how to manage your money so feel more comfortable making strategic decisions with confidence.

The Art of Negotiating

  • Learning to ask for what you want and get what you deserve is a critical life skill and essential if you are going to navigate the stages of your career so you are confident, satisfied, and growing in a way that suits you.

To Earn a Course Certificate

You commit to and fulfill the requirements for this eight-month virtually:

      • 30-60 minutes to view a prerecorded module in preparation for the facilitated group session
      • 1.5 hours/month in a virtual, group coaching session focused on self-exploration and active learning
      • 2- 60 minute networking sessions–1 virtual and 1 live during the AMWA annual meeting
      • 20 minutes/month to complete personal reflections and evaluations
      • Mentor at least one medical student group (training and resources provided on the AMWA Mentorship Platform).·

Participants who review the on-demand, self-guided videos or readings, complete monthly reflective exercises, attend at least 6 of the 8 monthly group coaching sessions, submit reflections and course assessments, provide at least 4 months of mentorship to a small student group, and submit a thoughtful statement about how the program has influenced you as a leader will be granted the AMWA Certificate in Leadership Essentials for Women Trainees.

AMWA EVOLVE Program Visionaries

Briana Money, DO
Program Director/Co-Founder

Ami Shah, MD
Program Associate Director/Co-Founder
Faculty Course Director/Co-Founder

Marion McCrary, MD
Faculty Program Associate Director/Co-Founder

Jodi Godfrey, MS, RDN
Leadership Programs Manager and Co-Founder


Send Questions/Comments to:  jgodfrey@amwa-doc.org