Certification in Leadership Essentials for Women Trainees

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As physicians, you are typically viewed as leaders in your community, at the clinic, and by the patients you serve. This is the case even for those of you who have not yet received any formal or specific preparation in leadership development during your residency or fellowship. Moreover, as women physicians, we need to be prepared to handle not just the typical healthcare roles, but also to gain the competencies necessary to more confidently balance our competing demands at home and at work and manage the biases commonly placed on women in medicine, particularly for those in male-centric specialties.

AMWA recognizes the common barriers often experienced by women trainees, and responded with AMWA EVOLVE—A Certification Course in Leadership for Women in Residency. This 6-month program will prepare you to lead with assurance. Through carefully curated competencies, you will gain the knowledge, insights, and assurance to empower you to be the most effective female leader in your chosen path in medicine.

AMWA EVOLVE will introduce a monthly self-guided module for each competency area to be explored, discussed, and personalized during the 90-minute facilitated group session held once a month from January to June during this pilot year. There will also be networking, coffee chats, and elective sessions to encourage exploratory career paths. As an AMWA EVOLVE participant, we ask that you mentor a group of medical students and/or 2 individuals as a wonderful way to develop your skills and grow as a leader. You will get plenty of support and guidance within our Mentorship platform.

Participation Commitment

To earn the AMWA EVOLVE Achievement in Leadership Basics for Women Trainees, you must complete all coursework and assessments, attend 5 out of 6 group sessions, and give back as a mentor. [You will be eligible for the full Certification in Leadership if you elect to extend your participation to complete the remaining 5 courses next year.]


The fee for this inaugural course will be waived for participants as it will be covered by an AMWA grant (course fee valued at $4,200) provided you are an AMWA Member and agree to fulfill the requirements as well as take the CliftonStrengths Assessment ($49).  Join AMWA


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AMWA EVOLVE Leadership Core Competencies

What are your personal strengths (leadership and otherwise)? How do you show up as a leader in the most effective and efficient way possible? This topic will utilize your CliftonStrengths assessment to guide the discussion!

The six sessions will cover the following:

January. What is your Why?

  • Discover your own unique reason/motivation behind your interest or involvement in leadership. Coming back to this in times of stress will help keep you grounded and focused on your values.

February. Discovering your Strengths

  • What are your personal strengths (leadership and otherwise)? How do you show up as a leader in the most effective and efficient way possible? This topic will utilize your CliftonStrengths assessment to guide the discussion!

March. Becoming an Authentic Leader

  • How do you lead authentically? Do you experience Imposter Phenomenon—and if so, how can you manage feelings of self-doubt? We will explore these topics and discover how you can stay true to yourself and develop a strong sense of leadership.

April. Integrating Emotional Intelligence

  • We’ll take a closer look at the components of emotional intelligence and how these relate/inform our leadership styles and abilities.

May. Handling Difficult Conversations

  • How do you approach uncomfortable discussions (like feedback sessions, evaluations, etc)? Do you feel uncomfortable even thinking about these types of conversations? We will take a closer look and discuss some approaches to dealing with these inevitable moments.

June. Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • As a leader, you will be in the position to both give and receive feedback. How do you know if you are truly listening? Are you receptive? How can these kinds of conversations be done effectively? Effective strategies will be presented and practiced.

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May 12 @ Noon ET

1:1 Coaching

We encourage you to consider availing yourself of one-to-one personal physician coaching to enhance your individual development through targeted exploration and growth on topics and in areas you identify as challenges and wish to explore. A special discounted fee has been negotiated for AMWA Trainees: $900 (a retail value of $2,400) for this pilot program.  Learn More 

Career Electives

AMWA will also offer several electives so that you can consider whether a traditional clinical track is your calling or perhaps you will find it more suited to your style and will fuel your ambition to apply your medical capabilities in a non-traditional route.

Have you considered a career in:  

      •  Pharma: PI / Medical Officer
      •  Med Education
      •  Medical Informatics
      •  Medical Communications
      •  Healthcare Consultant
      •  Grant Writing/Technical Writing

To Earn a Course Certificate

You agree to participate in this six-month virtually conducted pilot program and , during which you will commit 2-1/2 hours a month:

      • 10-15 minutes  to view a prerecorded module in preparation for the facilitated group session
      • 1.5 hours/month in a virtual, group coaching session focused on self-exploration and active learning
      • 1 hour to complete evaluations about your experience in the program and provide feedback on program format and contenting
      • Mentor at least one medical student group or 2 medical students (training and resources provided).·

Participants who view the on-demand, self-guided videos, complete monthly reflective exercises, attend 5 of the 6 monthly group coaching sessions, and submit course assessments on the program content, faculty, and your experience, and mentor 1 student group or 2 individuals will receive accommodation for completing the AMWA Leadership Development Course for Women Trainees.  

In July 2022, we will launch the full one-year AMWA EVOLVE Certification in Leadership for Women Trainees to cover 12 competency areas. Participants in the inaugural class will be encouraged to opt-in to the remaining 6 months in order to complete the full leadership program and earn the full AMWA EVOLVE Certification in Leadership Basics for Women Trainees. Need More Convincing?   Read Seven Tips for Success in ResidencyWhat You Wish You Knew

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