Certificate in Leadership Essentials for Women Trainees

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AMWA aims to advance women in training across all specialties, so we designed AMWA EVOLVE Certificate in Leadership Essentials to provide a space for exploration, perspective, and personal insights with the added benefit of peer networking. This 8-month program guides residents and fellows on a leadership journey that will cultivate leadership skills, foster connections, and introduce strategies to more effectively navigate issues commonly faced by women in medicine.

Next Cohort Begins in October 2024
We have filled our cohorts every year, so reserve your spot now.

Registration Deadline July 26 –  late enrollment accepted as space permits.


Program Fee for AMWA Members:

Early Enrollment Discount: $160 before June 15

Group Enrollment Discount: $120 each for 4+ trainees

Program Fee for Non-Members:

Early Enrollment Discount: $215 before June 15

Group Enrollment Discount: $175 each for 4+ trainees

Non-member fee includes AMWA membership for the duration of your residency/fellowship


Not yet a member of AMWA? Join now for one set fee for the duration of your training.


What You Can Expect from this Certificate in Leadership Essentials Program

AMWA EVOLVE introduces a monthly module for each key competency area that will be explored in depth through a 90-minute facilitated group coaching session. This program has built-in flexibility to meet trainees scheduling needs and affords them the space for reflection, exploration, and wider perspectives, so they are better positioned to thrive both personally and professionally. After program completion, AMWA provides ongoing professional development opportunities and networking.

AMWA EVOLVE runs from October to May and is largely underwritten for AMWA members to keep overall costs affordable and ensure that all women trainees are able to participate.

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2024 Program Dates - TBA

Sessions are held for 90 minutes.

2024-2025 Schedule

  • Orientation:
  • Module 1:
  • Module 2:
  • Module 3:
  • Module 4:
  • Module 5:
  • Module 6:
  • Module 7:
  • Module 8 & Conclusion:

Parallel AMWA EVOLVE Faculty Program

A parallel AMWA EVOLVE for FACULTY program will give residency faculty and administrators an overview of the course content and teach key coaching skills to be better able to reinforce the competencies and strategies discussed in the trainee program.

The fee covers the curriculum and three 90-minute group coaching sessions. Participants can earn up to 3 continuing education credits. 

Enrollment Fee:

$175 for AMWA Members
$274 non-member fee includes introductory AMWA membership



AMWA EVOLVE Leadership Modules

The 8 Leadership Competencies include:

What is your Why?

  • Discover your own unique reason/motivation behind your interest or involvement in leadership. Coming back to this in times of stress will help keep you grounded and focused on your values.

Discovering your Strengths

  • What are your personal strengths (leadership and otherwise)? How do you show up as a leader in the most effective and efficient way possible? This topic will utilize your CliftonStrengths assessment to guide the discussion!

Becoming an Authentic Leader

  • How do you lead authentically? Do you experience Imposter Phenomenon—and if so, how can you manage feelings of self-doubt? We will explore these topics and discover how you can stay true to yourself and develop a strong sense of leadership.

Facing Gender Bias, and Microaggressions

  • We’ll take a closer look at common patterns and experiences so you will recognize issues of bias and microaggressions and gain the skills to handle circumstances when it’s directed at you or a peer.

Handling Difficult Conversations

  • How do you approach uncomfortable discussions (like feedback sessions, evaluations, etc)? Do you feel uncomfortable even thinking about these types of conversations? We will take a closer look and discuss some approaches to dealing with these inevitable moments.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

  • As a leader, you will be in the position to both give and receive feedback. How do you know if you are truly listening? Are you receptive? How can these kinds of conversations be done effectively? Effective strategies will be presented and practiced.

The Art of Negotiating

  • Learning to ask for what you want and get what you deserve is a critical life skill and essential if you are going to navigate the stages of your career so you are confident, satisfied, and growing in a way that suits you.

Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Connect the competencies and build direction towards next steps. Highlight your learnings across all the modules to determine your best path forward.


AMWA EVOLVE Program Visionaries

Briana Money, DO
Program Director
Ami Shah, MD
Program Associate Director
Faculty Program Director
Marion McCrary, MD
Faculty Program Associate Director
Jodi Godfrey, MS, RDN
Leadership Programs Manager

Send Questions/Comments to:  evolve@amwa-doc.org