General Information

‘A Certain Restless Ambition’: Women Physicians and World War I
Ellen S. More, PhD

“The Woman Physician in the Great War” in American Women in World War I
Lettie Gavin               Reprinted with permission.

Into the Breach-American Women Overseas in World War I (excerpt)
Dorothy and Carl J. Schneider              Reprinted with permission.

“Women Doctors in World War I” in Women Doctors of the World
Esther Pohl Lovejoy

American Women Doctors in WW1

U.S. Women’s Overseas Service in World War I

“Feminist Transitional Activism and International Health: The Medical Women’s International Association and the American Women’s Hospitals, 1919-1948”
in Women and Transnational Activism in Historical Perspective by Kimberly Jensen              Reprinted with permission.

Caring for the Wounded:  U.S. Women and the Great War

Not Waiting for the Call:  American Women Physicians and World War 1

American Women in World War 1

Women in Medicine:  A Bibliography of the Literature on Women Physicians

Mobilizing Minerva by Kimberly Jensen

Stepping Out of Her Place, A New Look at Women’s Roles During Selected Wars in U.S. History by Nicole  Lynn Bowen

Pushing the Cause of Women in Medicine Ahead: Connecticut’s Women Physicians during the First World War

Congressional Hearings 1943 

Contract Surgeons

“Necessity’s Handmaidens:  Women Contract Surgeons in World War I in Women Doctors in War
Judith Bellafaire and Mercedes Herrera Graf              Reprinted with permission.

Women Contract Surgeons in World War I in On the Fields of Mercy:  Women Medical Volunteers from the Civil War to the First World War
Mercedes Graf

With High Hopes:  Women Contract Surgeons in World War I
Minerva: Quarterly Report on Women and the Military, Summer 2002
Mercedes Graf

Puerto Rican Servicewomen Answer the Call to Serve


American Women’s Hospitals

American Women’s Hospitals in World War 1

Certain Samaritans
Esther Pohl Lovejoy

Women Physicians and Surgeons:  National and International Organizations / Twenty Years with the American Women’s Hospitals
Esther Pohl Lovejoy

The Doctor’s Duffel Bag
M. Louise Hurrell

Report of M. Louise Hurrell to the AWH Committee 1919

A Woman Surgeon:  The Life and Work of Rosalie Slaughter Morton by Rosalie Slaughter Morton

The House of the Good Neighbor by Esther Pohl Lovejoy

Rochester ‘Over There’: Gender and Medicine in World War I

Hospitals and Colleges in the War Effort

Ladies of Grecourt
Ruth Gaines

Bellevue in France
Anne Tjomsland

Hahnemann Medical College and Woman’s Medical College in World War I

Cornellian Women in the War

Smith College-Relief Unit


Deeds and Words in the Suffrage Military Hospital in Endell Street
Jennian F. Geddes

The Women’s Hospital Corps: forgotten surgeons of the First World War by Jennian F. Geddes

Women in Hospital Service in World War 1

Women and the Medical Services in World War One

Dr. Isabella Stenhouse, A Woman Doctor in WWI

Women in the War Zone:  Hospital Service in the First World War by Anne Powell

Women Medics and the First World War


A Woman At War: The Life and Times of Dr. Phoebe Chapple MM (1879-1967), An Australian Doctor on the Western Front