American Women’s Hospitals Service

Since 1917, the American Women’s Hospitals Service has been providing global aid to clinics and regions around the world both in the form of grant support as well as relief supplies. Our latest efforts have included:


Humanitarian Aid for Afghanistan Support Menstrual Equity. Period

Funding Opportunities

Apply for an AWHS Travel Grant! Deadlines are January 5, May 5, September 5.

Are you planning to travel or want to consider working in a clinic or healthcare center dedicated to benefitting the medically underserved? AWHS provides grants of up to $1000 for medical student or resident physician AMWA members to cover costs of travel for work with underserved or international populations around the world. To learn more about previously supported remarkable experiences.

Apply for an AWHS Community Project Grant! Deadlines are January 5, May 5, September 5.

Do you need funds for a community project aimed at helping a community in need? AWHS provides grants up to $500 for community projects that focus on some of the following aspects: empowerment or advancement of women, improving health care access for underserved populations, and quality improvement of services in rural and/or urban underserved areas. These grants support community engagement and include health-related community-based research, community service projects, and community advocacy/education.

AWHS History

Historical photo of AWHSIn July 1915, 300 women physicians attended a lecture presented by Dr. Rosalie Morton, highlighting the work of women physicians in World War I. It was the norm in the United States at that time, as in the allied countries, to deny medical women any active role in the war effort. Dr. Morton’s lecture sparked a flame which would see the birth of the American Women’s Hospitals committee.

The American Women’s Hospitals committee (now known as the American Women’s Hospitals Service, or AWHS) was established to achieve a two-fold mission: the relief of suffering through medical care and the advancement of women in the medical profession. Dr. Esther Pohl Lovejoy chronicled much of the historical work of AWHS in her remarkable books, Certain Samaritans and Women Physicians and Surgeons.

For almost a century, AWHS has continued this tradition of service in supporting medical programs and projects both at home and abroad.

AWHS Today

Keep up to date with our latest work with our AWHS newsletter Postcards and read more about our ongoing projects and how to get involved below.


  • AWHS has provided emergency grant funding to support funding for supplies for a hospital in Parma, Italy hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • AWHS has helped distribute disposable and fabric face masks donated by colleagues in Taiwan.
  • AWHS partnered with The Robonauts to provide 3-D printed face shields for healthcare workers across the country. Read more about this partnership, request face shields, and support these efforts HERE.
  • AWHS partnered with the Tzu Chi Foundation and

AWHS Clinic Grants

The American Women’s Hospitals Service provides funding in support of programs that provide care, advancement and empowerment of women and children in underserved communities. We are devoted to fostering sustainable and innovative programs that will inspire individuals and make a difference for communities in need.

Funds are distributed on a yearly basis and typically grants are awarded between $2000 and $3500/yearly. The application process is competitive, with successful proposals clear demonstrating emphasis on:

  • Sustainability
  • Community involvement
  • Community impact
  • Health, empowerment, and advancement of women
  • Strong educational partnership with AWHS
  • Mentorship opportunities

To apply for an AWHS clinic grant, please review our clinic grant application. Applications for each annual cycle are accepted through July for disbursement of funds by the end of the calendar year. Please submit completed applications to:

Clinic Grant Application

Supported Clinics

Working at a clinicAWHS has historically worked with AMWA as its charitable arm, supporting independent clinics outside the US which offer essential medical care to diverse populations. The clinics themselves are similarly diverse, offering access to a spectrum of care from hospital-based services in Haiti to floating clinics and traveling operating rooms on refurbished ships serving remote villages along the Amazon river. In addition, AWHS has supported clinics in Tanzania, Uganda, and Nepal. Please click on the button below for more details about the clinic sites AWHS currently supports.

Read more about our clinic sites

Student Travel Grants

AWHS logoAWHS promotes education, outreach and understanding of global health for each new generation of physicians through our annual student travel grant program. AWHS awards four to six student travel grants annually on a competitive basis to full AMWA student members who have been accepted into a sponsored overseas clinic program, in order to help offset travel costs. AWHS student travel grant recipients have engaged in projects in a number of countries, including Haiti, Peru, Uganda, Vietnam, India, Barbados, South Africa and Nepal.

Application requirements include a completed grant application, letter of approval from the dean of the sponsoring medical school, and project report. Please click the button below for additional application details.

Download an Application Learn more about Overseas Assistance Grants

Community Grant Projects

Download an Application Learn more about Community Grant Projects


Since 1917, our group has sought to make a difference and try to inspire others to do the same.

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