Resident Division

2020 – 2021 Leadership

Executive Committee

Chung-Sang (CS) Tse, MD

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Brette Harding, MD, MS

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Alicia Corwin, MD

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Alexandra Goodwin

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Anna Zelivianskaia, MD
Past President

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National Committee Chairs

Tara Shrout, MD, MSc
Advocacy Chair
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Madeleine G. Manka, MD
Awards Chair

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Sonia Bhandari Randhawa, MD
Conference Co-Chair

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Nandini Nittur, MD
Conference Co-Chair

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Monique Mun, MD
Membership/Recruitment Chair
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Elizabeth Jeans, MEd, MD
Mentorship Chair

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Who We Are

Collectively, we…

…are fluent or proficient in English, Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, Thai, Korean
…practice obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, anesthesiology, general surgery, neurosurgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, radiology, psychiatry, ophthalmology, adolescent medicine and emergency medicine
…play soccer and tennis, ride horseback; enjoy kayaking, wrestling, running, cycling, weight lifting, rock-climbing, hiking, and mountain biking
…are trained in ACLS, PALS, classical Indian dance, classical piano and singing, improvisational theater

Among us is a woman who…

…was born and raised in Delaware and is the first physician in her family
…can create paper boats and create websites
…has gone swimming with whale sharks
…plays the piano, writes fiction, and enjoys cooking pasta
…lived in Thailand for a year during high school as part of a Rotary youth exchange program
…assisted in fetal surgery cases as a medical student
…volunteered in Guatemala & Honduras
…raised funds for Water Missions International for Haiti relief
…loves distance running and has participated in the NYC marathon twice, in addition to the Philadelphia half marathon and various 10K’s
…is interested in graphic design, social media, blogging and medical ethics
…was in the movie Patch Adams
…officiated a wedding ceremony for one of her friends
…interned for the Philadelphia Department of Public Health
…is obtaining an MBA in business school
…led an AMWA chapter that obtained the Group of the Year award and Community Volunteer Award from the Medical Student Council
…received the Exceptional Volunteer Service Award from the American Red Cross
…received the Eleanor T. Christiansen Altruism Award
…collaborated with a major jewelry company to design the AMWA membership pin
…has traveled to Israel, Jordan, Peru, Australia, New Zealand, Italy and England
…is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution
…developed a city-wide, annual Wellness Conference focusing on women’s health

Board Position Descriptions & Responsibilities

Please find information about AMWA Resident Leadership positions and the responsibilities associated with each role here.