AMWA Initiatives

The American Medical Women’s Association advocates to bring under-addressed issues to the forefront of the national agenda. Learn how you can promote AMWA initiatives any month of the year! …Read More.

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American Women’s Hospitals Service


Diversity and Inclusion: Anti-racism, LGBTQ Subcommittee, Military & Veterans, Rural Health

Gender EquityRevolution by Resolution, #MeTooMedicine, Partnership with Need Her Science and #HerTimeIsNow 

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

Gun Violence Prevention

Human Trafficking: Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH)

Infertility Initiative

International Medical Graduates

Leadership Programs – ELEVATE (Physicians), EVOLVE (Residents), IGNITE (Medical Students)



Medical Humanities – Art, Dance, Film, History (WWI, Suffrage), Music, Theater, Writing

Obesity Prevention

Opioid Epidemic

Physician Reentry

Physician Wellbeing (Mental Health) – Humans Before Heroes, Physician Suicide Awareness

Preventive Medicine Task Force

Public Health Campaigns: – Alcohol Awareness, Caregiving, Counterfeit Drugs


Sex and Gender Specific Health – Sex and Gender Health Collaborative, Sex and Gender Health Education Summit, iGIANT (Partner)

Sleep Disorders

Women’s Health – HPV and Cervical Cancer Prevention, Migraine Management, Menopause, Osteoporosis