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The American Medical Women’s Association advocates to bring under-addressed issues to the forefront of the national agenda.
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AMWA Committee / Task Force Chair Resources and Requirements

This purpose of this page is to provide links to resources and required documents for individuals in a committee or task force chair position. For more information, send an email to

…Read More

Promoting Gender Equity

Gender Equity Task Force

The Gender Equity Task Force (GETF) of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) holds the position that gender equity must be the standard in every sphere of the medical establishment, as well as American society. …Read More

Revolution by Resolution

Following the success of two gender equity resolutions in 2018 (at the American Medical Association and Massachusetts Medical Society) co-authored by Dr. Silver and Dr. Sinha, the goal of this initiative is to sweep the country with similar resolutions in every state medical society…Read More


Women in medicine have waited long enough for gender equity, and the time is now to address these longstanding and well documented-disparities. AMWA Partners with She Leads Healthcare and Executive Leadership in Academic Medicine (ELAM) in this campaign…Read More

Diversity and Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is an evolving and constantly innovative section at AMWA as we process change, development, and transformation, not only within the work of the Section, but also in our other initiatives within and outside of AMWA. Officially instituted by AMWA in 2014 we have experienced numerous successes, thanks to a strong, and supportive Board of Directors, highly motivated and talented staff and leadership team. …Read More


For decades, studies have demonstrated gender bias in publishing. This may occur at various stages in the process, including at the level of the journals. The equitable inclusion of women editors at every level is long overdue. Addressing journal gender bias starts at the top…Read More


Women worldwide are affected by sexual harassment in their everyday lives. The medical field is not an exception to this issue. #MeTooMedicine came about shortly after the #MeToo campaign went viral and is a testament to the difficulties that women face in the medical field…Read More

Tackling Public Health Issues

Alcohol Awareness

Health care professionals should talk to their patients about alcohol and responsible drinking. Studies suggest that patients who discuss alcohol consumption with their health care professionals are able to make the most informed decisions about moderate alcohol consumption or abstaining. …Read More

Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

The mission of the Opioid Addiction in Women Task Force is to reduce the number of women addicted to opioids, and to improve the care of women with opioid addiction, by
1. Education of health care providers and the public about the unique aspects of opioid addiction in women, the barriers to treatment for women, and sex differences in pain and opioid response leading to addiction
2. Contributing to or commenting on opioid prescribing and pain management guidelines, and evidence based standards, from a sex and gender perspective …Read More

Gun Violence Prevention Task Force

As women physicians at all stages of our medical careers and with a range of specialties and recognizing the significant impact of gun violence on communities throughout the country and the considerable repercussions of gun violence on the medical system, we have created the American Medical Women’s Association Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. …Read More

NIH All of Us Initiative

Precision medicine has been a buzzword in health care circles for years now – but the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is poised to launch a major new research effort that will make it a reality. The All of Us Research Program seeks to enroll one million or more participants who will share their health information and begin a new era in medical research and treatment. …Read More

Prevention of Childhood Obesity and Patient Education

AMWA President, Dr. Eliza Chin, announced AMWA’s commitment to the prevention of childhood obesity at a meeting in Washington, D.C. with Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin. …Read More

The Aging Population

AMWA has partnered with SeniorFusion and ElderAction to promote wellness for our elder population. …Read More

Caring for the Caregiver

Launched in partnership with the film, Caregiver: A Love Story, this initiative will raise awareness, provide resources, and most importantly, sound a call to action for a growing public health issue… Read More

Physicians Against the Trafficking of Humans (PATH)

AMWA President, Dr. Gayatri Devi, announced at AMWA’s 97th Annual Meeting: Achieving Success as a Woman in Medicine that her campaign would focus on addressing issues of Human Sex Trafficking of young women and girls. AMWA Board Members Dr. Suzanne Harrison and Dr. Eleni Tousimis have also championed this cause. …Read More

Advancement of Women in Medicine


IGNITE is an AMWA program developed by women physicians for women medical students to explore issues that are encountered by women in training and throughout a career in medicine. …Read More

Mentorship Committee

Forming strong mentorship relationships is a skill. Like all skills, it can be practiced, perfected, and learned from others who have done it well. This space is your area to build that skill with a network of AMWA members. We can all learn and grow from each other, so please explore our mentorship links below as a mentor, mentee, or ideally both. …Read More

Networking Alliance

Professional medical associations working collaboratively and sharing resources to benefit their members. …Read More

Physician Infertility

Recent studies suggest that 1 in 4 women physicians will experience infertility. By compiling a list of resources, publications, and stories, AMWA hopes to raise awareness of physician infertility, streamline advocacy efforts, and provide support for women in medicine…Read More

Graduate Medical Education

An AMWA network that addresses issues in medical education and training.

Physician Reentry

Physicians taking time off from clinical medicine may find reentry challenging. Learn about resources that will help in this transition. …Read More

Physician Suicide Awareness

Physician wellness is one of the top priorities of the American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA), particularly in light of the sobering statistics that women physicians have higher rates of burnout compared to men and higher rates of suicide compared to the general female population.

Preventive Medicine Task Force

The Preventive Medicine Task Force is working to bring preventative care solutions right to your favorite mobile device, utilizing a new mobile web link. In this mobile environment, patients and health care professionals alike will have access to preventative health care programs from national, state, and local sources all aggregated in one easily accessible location. …Read More

Physician Mental Health

We have long known that physicians have had some of the highest suicide rates of any profession, but our mental health needs will only be amplified after this shared trauma. It is critical that we remove all barriers to care-seeking so no frontline hero is left sacrificing themselves for others... Read More

Improve Women’s Health

Women’s health now encompasses diseases and conditions that are unique to women, more prevalent in women, more serious in women, and treated differently in women.

Breast Cancer Task Force

Breast cancer affects one woman in eight in the United States and is the most common cancer diagnosed in women worldwide. It is estimated that in the United States in 2013 alone, more than 230,000 women will be diagnosed and nearly 40,000 women will die of breast cancer. …Read More

Cervical Cancer Prevention

AMWA is partnering with the Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC) in the fight against cervical cancer. …Read More

Heart Disease in Women

AMWA is a participant in the American Heart Association’s Campaign – Go Red for Women. …Read More

National Women’s Health Week

Every year, AMWA participates in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Women’s Health Week. Brochures will be available at the AMWA Annual Meeting for distribution. …Read More

Sex and Gender Health Collaborative

An interprofessional network of providers and educators to promote sex and gender specific health.

Sex and Gender Health Education Summit

A national initiative co-lead by AMWA whose goal is to integrate sex and gender health into the educational curricula of health professions training.

Sex and Gender Specific Health

Other programs to promote sex and gender specific health, including partnerships with iGIANT (Impact of Gender and Sex on Innovations And Novel Technologies).

Strong to the Bone

Postmenopausal women can take a five-minute assessment developed by AMWA to help evaluate their osteoporosis risk, and use the knowledge to speak to their healthcare professional about a personal treatment plan. …Read More

Resources for AMWA Initiatives

Learn how you can promote AMWA initiatives any month of the year! …Read More

Past Initiatives

2011 – 2012 Women’s Rights to Contraceptive Care

AMWA President, Dr. Mary Guinan, championed the right for women to have access to affordable contraceptive care. AMWA’s Advocacy and Policy committee joined her in this campaign. …Read More