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AMWA Members Gather to Celebrate Art

AMWA Members Gather to Celebrate Art

AMWA Member Dr. Laura Roebuck, a Retired Psychiatrist, Launches Reclaiming Pink Art Exhibition


For years, Dr. Laura Roebuck rejected the color pink because of its long, negative association with stereotypical femininity and intense commercial marketing. “Pink is a charged color, pink is political,” said Dr. Roebuck, a retired psychiatrist turned artist. But over time, as she was painting, she saw pink apart from these connotations, as a beautiful color and she began to include it in her palette.


And in her new exhibition, Reclaiming Pink, she revels in it.


The opening reception at Upstart Modern in Sausalito was packed with friends and colleagues, among them Studio AMWA Chair and former AMWA Artist-in-Residence Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode and AMWA Executive Director Dr. Eliza Chin.


“A powerful exhibition…The theme, Reclaiming Pink, could not have been better timed. Collectively, these works convey a sense of empowerment that will speak differently to each person,” said Dr. Eliza Chin


“Dr. Laura Roebuck’s work exudes a joyful playfulness with pastel colors that fill the canvas,” Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode added.


Just as art can be a reflection of our lives, so Dr. Roebuck’s abstract art is a reflection of her work and experience as a psychiatrist. “ It, too, is about relationships.” Dr. Roebuck reflects on how she gravitated to abstract rather than figurative art. “For years, I worked with people as patients and clients. That was my figurative period. When I started painting, I realized that I had shifted the dialogue from patients to canvas…I’m talking to the canvas, and it talks back in a different way…working in abstract oil is very exciting for me with a similar sense of discovery of deeper layers.”


“This is an exhibition about choice and growth. Roebuck’s work offers opportunities to consider renewal and reinvention.” — Reclaiming Pink Press Release


Reclaiming Pink is open through January 17. View the full gallery.



Reclaiming Pink
Art Exhibition by Dr. Laura Roebuck
Upstart Modern
4000 Bridgeway, Suite 100
Sausalito, California

Join Bay Area AMWA members for a reception, gallery viewing, networking, and discussion with Dr. Laura Roebuck on Sunday, January 8, 4:00-5:30 pm PST (hybrid).


L-Dr. Eliza Chin, R-Dr. Karen Poirier-Brode

Dr. Laura Roebuck

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