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Women’s History Through Film

Women’s History Through Film

By Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH

This women’s history month, check out some of the films in Media AMWA’s exhibit that celebrate the pioneers in medicine, trailblazing women who fought for equality and their rightful place in medicine.

Unladylike2020 –

Includes the biographies of:

  • Susan La Flesche Picotte, “the first American Indian woman to graduate from medical school, and is notable for founding an independently funded hospital on the Omaha reservation in Nebraska.”
  • Margaret Chung who “overcame great racism and sexism to become the first American-born Chinese female doctor in 1916.”

At Home and Over There: American Women Physicians in WWI

This short film produced by AMWA and Raw Science Foundation tells the story of how women physicians were not permitted to serve in the medical reserve corps in WWI. Yet refusing to stay on the sidelines, these indominable women still risked their lives to serve overseas through various humanitarian organizations, including AMWA’s American Women’s Hospitals Service.

Black Women in Medicine

This film explores the past, present, and future history of Black women physicians and follows the stories of more than a dozen women physicians and their diverse career paths.

Daring Women Doctors

This film explores the history of 19th century women physicians, the first generation of women to graduate from medical school and earn their rightful place in medicine, even before women had the right to vote.


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