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Women Physicians Prepare for Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution

In Readiness for Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution, Gaining Patient Trust—An Expert Discussion

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) is committed to providing the necessary resources to foster leadership among women in medicine as we strive for excellence in healthcare during this pandemic.

Women Physicians Must Be Positioned to Educate Patients and Lessen Fears

AMWA is creating programs to assure that women in medicine are apprised of and prepared to respond to the challenges posed by any patient resistance to the Covid vaccines. Among the issues to be considered:

  • One in four Americans is without a primary care physician to guide their care.
  • Some 40% of coronavirus-related deaths are associated with nursing homes.
  • Logistics such as the need for ultracold storage and special handling requirements
  • Early demand for immunization of health care and other front-line workers will be substantial, with roughly 80 million people needing two doses each.

Dr. Mark has been invited to appear on news programs to provide expert medical insights on the safety and efficacy of Covid-19 treatments and vaccines and crafted a Covid Castle metaphor to describe a graphic way to understand the necessary pandemic protection response. This may help physicians explain the steps necessary to block the invader (the virus) from causing harm to self and the community.

Dr. Mark created the Covid Castle as a metaphor for action against Covid-19.

Use the “Covid Castle” to explain needed steps for maximum protection.

First Line of Defense:  COVID CASTLE
The best way to prevent infection and spread of Covid-19 is for each person to take these three precautions.

o   Moat represents social distancing
o   Castle Wall represents masks
o   Water represents hand washing

Second Line of Defense: VACCINE (2 Doses) 
Despite the Protection provided by the “Castle”, the virus still poses a threat so a fourth action is needed to assure the greatest Health Safety:

o   Hand-to-hand combat represents the vaccine

“The first three barriers have little risk to the defender (self) of the castle, while the 4th barrier may pose a slight risk to the defender, it offers an important last step in preventing the invader from causing harm, even killing, the defender and others (the community) in the castle,” says Dr. Mark.

The American Medical Women’s Association will continue to provide updates and plan opportunities for discussion and updates as conditions change and circumstances evolve

AMWA Advocates for Women Physicians

AMWA is taking a variety of steps to prepare AMWA members to meet the clinical and personal challenges arising from the difficulties presented by Covid-19. With Emergency Use Authorization provided to two Covid-19 vaccines, and approval on other vaccines anticipated in the new year, the United States faces substantial challenges in assuring meaningful distribution of the coronavirus vaccine to the entire population.

“All states have been tasked with creating a distribution plan informed by guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; these plans have been reviewed and all are readied to roll-out the Pfizer vaccine. In most cases, the vaccine will be offered to leaders of State health departments who are concerned that they will have to ramp up from vaccine delivery targeted to 23,000 people to then reach 23 million,” says Dr. Mark. “The devil is in the details—initial supplies of COVID-19 vaccine are to be allocated to healthcare personnel and long-term care facility residents. Surveillance and continuation of trials are essential.”

As a member of the Covid-19 Vaccine Education and Equity Project, AMWA commits to advocating for access to and distribution of FDA-approved COVID-19 vaccines in a way that is equitable, promotes trust, and is consistent with sound medical guidance. In joining forces with other leading organizations, we are confident in the ability to achieve our collective goal to assure that vaccines reach the most vulnerable groups as well as those on the front lines of the pandemic.

In the face of this pandemic, AMWA is championing:

  • The need for vaccine trials to include and report on the safety and efficacy of sex and gender outcomes to reflect the specific therapeutic profile for women and racially diverse populations.
  • A federal review process that is both robust and transparent so that we can support widespread acceptance of the vaccines particularly for those at greatest risk.
  • Efficient and equitable distribution of vaccines across the US and globally

We have a societal imperative to overcome Covid-19 by encouraging everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible. However, there is work to be done to increase the trust and remove any obstacles to adoption by the patients who might be hesitating.

No one is safe until everyone is safe.  – Sabin Vaccine Institute



Jodi Godfrey

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