AMWA Exhibition

Women Physician Suffragists


Women Physician Suffragists

In honor of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, AMWA has launched this on-line exhibition to celebrate the important contributions of women physicians to the suffrage movement.

The 19th Amendment which granted women the right to vote was passed by Congress on June 4, 1919 and ratified on August 18, 1920.

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Emily Pierson


Louise Southgate


Anna Howard Shaw


Delia B. Randel


Maria Dean


Eliza Cook

New Hampshire

Jennie Sarah Barney

North Dakota

Cora Smith Eaton King

South Carolina

Rosa Hirichman Gantt


Mattie E. Coleman

West Virginia

Harriet B. Jones


Laura Ross Wolcott

About the Women Physician Suffragists Exhibition

This exhibition was inspired by AMWA’s participation in Vision2020, a program of Drexel University College of Medicine which brought together a coalition of organizations and leaders in 2010 for a decade long initiative focused on women’s equality and suffrage. We are thrilled to launch this exhibition during Women’s History Month, March 2020, and hope that it will continue to grow in the coming years.         

— Eliza Lo Chin, MD, MPH, AMWA Executive Director

Exhibition Co-Chairs: Morgan Levy, Courtney Chau, Alyssa Brown, Eliza Chin

Researchers: Naveena Daram, Prachi Keni, Mollie Marr, Naseem Rangwala, Katarina Watson, Deborah Pavey

Learn about AMWA’s participation in Drexel University College of Medicine’s Initiative Vision2020: National Women’s Equality Initiative.