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Virtual Life as a Pre-Med

Since the start of the pandemic many changes have come to be a part of the way education runs. Many of us, the students, were suddenly hit with the need to have to adapt to an entirely virtual experience of what we once only knew to be in-person. 

For pre-med and pre-health students many of the experiences that were once in-person were those involving clinical and research experiences. Suddenly, every opportunity had to cease for safety purposes and we had no idea when they would start-up again. In my own experience, I remember taking part in my University Hospital’s volunteer program and how quick and sudden the shutdown process was. I’m sure many students were discouraged and overwhelmed when the routines we once built drastically changed. 

We are still currently at a time where safety precautions must be taken wherever possible, and I’m sure many students like myself have learned to adjust to the new environment we must work in. I’ve outlined below some of the best tips I’ve found to maintain a healthy student life during these trying times: 

Find the space that’s right for you: Being that many of us have turned to online courses since the start of the pandemic, finding the right space to get through these requirements is essential. Whether it be a desk in your dorm, a college library, or simply a kitchen table in your home, finding a space that gives you the capacity to complete school work requirements in peace is what matters most. In a way, finding a space to replace what a classroom setting would have given you is useful to build the dynamic of a focused environment. This may not be the lecture halls or labs we’ve always known, but in many ways this allows students more comfort, ease, and quicker accessibility. 

Keep your goals in mind at all times: Keeping in mind your ultimate goal is important to preserving personal drive. At times online school can become overwhelming and feel like a constant cycle we go through everyday. These are the moments where it’s important to keep our true motives in mind. Making small lists of goals to accomplish can keep us in balance and feeling productive, regardless of how big or small they are. Even knocking off daily tasks can promote feelings of accomplishment. 

Find periods of time for yourself: Remember that regardless of what’s going on it’s important to find outlets specifically geared toward your interests. Do activities that give you an outlet from school or work and are stress reducing. Allot periods of time to do what you find enjoyable, whether it be reading, writing, or even going for a simple walk. These are the moments that give you the mental break needed to continuously tackle the workload that goes on throughout the entirety of a semester or the stress of daily responsibilities. 

What’s important to remember through our experiences is that change will always occur. We never truly know what may continue to transition throughout our educational journeys. Adapting to these changes and learning the best and most efficient ways to manage these systems is important in the life of any student. Most of all, remembering to find a healthy balance that works best for each of us provides the best way to achieve success.

Courtney Chau

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