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The Power of AMWA

I wanted to write a quick note about the power of AMWA:

I am a third-year medical student currently on my OB-GYN rotation at Beaumont Hospital. I have had the pleasure of working with a PGY-3 resident, Dr. Carissa May, who is an Indiana University School of Medicine graduate and former AMWA Chapter President. While working together on the labor and delivery unit and in the operating room, we quickly found our connection through AMWA. It includes that Dr. May was a mentee of one of our past AMWA presidents, Dr. Theresa Rohr-Kirchgraber. Without a doubt, working with Dr. May made an incredible impact on my clerkship experience while learning the medicine and humanity of clinical practice. I admired and learned from her demonstration of AMWA’s values, exceptional preceptorship, and outstanding patient care. This work encounter at my academic institution speaks to the power of AMWA continuing to facilitate the organization of women leaders in medicine who perform exceptionally in many ways. I am grateful for AMWA’s support of my academic and leadership endeavors and for providing me with tools and mentorship to do so. I wish for many more an experience and connection like this.

MerryJean Losso

National Medical Student Chair

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

American Medical Women’s Association


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