The purpose of this initiative is to empower medical professionals to see the back of their coats as blank canvases, through which they can express their passion, challenges & hope through inspirational messages.

Step 1: Take a photo of the BACK of your white coat. We have a template of a blank white coat you can use too!
Step 2: Add a themed message to the back of your white coat. You may also create artwork or messages on your white coat and share a photo of the white coat after completion.
Step 3: Email it to
Step 4: Share your picture on social media with the hashtags #whitecoatchallenge #AMWA and bring your white coat to display at the AMWA Annual Meeting.
Check out this year’s theme below.

2023 Challenge Theme

White Coat Project for AMWA’s 2023 Annual Meeting 2023. StudioAMWA invites individuals and medical student groups to create white coat art (images and/or words) to support the theme of “The White Coat Holds the Line” (against legislative interference in the doctor-patient relationship).

2022 Challenge Theme

In 2022, the White Coat Project at Studio AMWA went virtual. #whitecoatchallenge. The theme: The physician’s white coat means something different for every person.  What does the coat mean to you?” Create powerful, positive, reflective, personal, what-you-feel-right-now, or hopeful messages and share.