Victoria Silverman

Victoria Silverman 1

Premedical Student Division Region 4 Director

Victoria Silverman is currently a junior Biological Sciences major with a concentration in Human Nutrition in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. She is serving as Student Co-chair and Secretary of the Preventive Services Task Force, and has received a Certificate of Appreciation from AMWA for her work. Her time with AMWA has given her invaluable leadership experience and she hopes to continue working with AMWA throughout medical school. Aside from AMWA, Victoria conducts research in the Memory and Neuroscience Research Lab at Cornell. She is involved in several different studies, including ones exploring mild cognitive impairment, memory and aging, and conjoint-source recognition. As Pre-medical Student Region 4 Director, Victoria looks forward to recruiting new members passionate about women’s health and the advancement of women in medicine. Additionally, she is excited to help establish new undergraduate AMWA chapters around the southeastern United States.