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2020 AMWA Premedical Division Program Book

PreMed/Med Division Collaboration Secondary Videos

Log in via your AMWA account to check out these awesome “Secondary Videos” our medical school branches made to help our premedical students with this year’s application cycle.

Mentorship Opportunities

Visit the Mentorship Committee page 

PreMedical Membership Fee Waivers

We know that the cost of joining professional organizations and applying to medical schools can add up. In an effort to be more inclusive and break down barriers to pursuing medicine and membership in organizations such as AMWA, we are excited to announce that the National Premedical Division will be awarding six (6) scholarships ($35.00 value per person) to waive the cost of national membership in AMWA.  Awardees will be chosen based on need as well as the embodiment of the goals of AMWA.

Throughout our 105-year history, AMWA has been dedicated to a dual mission: advancing women in medicine and promoting women’s health. AMWA continues to encourage the promising young medical professionals of tomorrow through our many awards, grants, and scholarship programs. We are proud to use our resources to make a difference in the lives of women every day by providing grants to AMWA student branches, supporting physicians-in-training overseas, and rewarding students for outstanding service and merit.

We invite you to become a part of this movement.  We are confident that the strength of our collective voice will be heard as we advocate for gender parity for women in medicine. Click here to apply for a membership fee waiver or email with any questions! The application closes on October 1.

Resume Building Tutorial

We know that the medical school application process can be hard. We hope that this tutorial about how to build your resume in order to become a competitive medical school candidate can be useful for you as you embark upon this challenging process.

Resume Building

Interview Tips Tutorial

The Medical Student Division has prepared a small tutorial on a few interview strategies that we have found to work well when preparing for the medical school interview trail. While interviewing as well, considering using the AMWA Student Hosting Program to stay at AMWA members’ homes in the locations that you are interviewing. This will allow you to connect with AMWA members while saving some money for your celebration once you’ve gotten into medical school!

The Interview

Global Health Programs for Premedical Students

List of Global Health Programs for Premedical Students

Volunteering abroad is a wonderful way to experience a whole new perspective on medicine, public health, or another culture in general! However, sometimes the decision of which program to choose or which organization to get involved with can seem daunting as there are so many out there! Our pre-med team has compiled a list of organizations and programs that do amazing work with the communities they partner with. These organizations range from participating in community development work in Peru to assisting with vision and eye care in Armenia. If you’re interested in volunteering or interning internationally, but don’t know where to start, feel free to explore this list! You can also reach out to our Global Health Chair for more information on any of these organizations, or to request to add a new program to the list!

The Free Guide to Medical School Admission

The medical school admissions process is long and can be stressful. Applying to medical school requires insider knowledge, connections, and financial resources. This guide is to help encourage students and give ideas to “close gaps that privilege and structural biases have put in your way.” Some of our fabulous AMWA physicians have created this FREE guide for your use.

The Free Guide to Medical School Admission has built a series of open-use guides to nursing programs designed to support students in the field. Each guide covers core developmental topics including course options, career specializations, and job outlook. It’s our hope to reach and prepare as many students as possible with these resources. You can take a look at a couple of our guides linked here:

Nurse Leadership Fundamentals

MSN Nurse Educator Program:
MSN Clinical Nurse Leader Program:

… And much more!

Please see our Membership Benefits Page + Advocacy Page for more information on ongoing initiatives, resources, discounts, and ways to become involved!