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AMWA-AMSA and the Women’s Empowerment Institute


AMWA is proud to partner with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) to inspire future women physician leaders. In addition to the excellent programming and experiential learning provided by AMSA, the organization shows its commitment by supporting one of its leading and most popular Action Committees – Gender and Sexuality.

Woven throughout its curriculum, AMSA champions leadership development, advocacy training, skill-building workshops, career counseling, and creating awareness and solidarity among female medical students.

AMWA members are welcome participants and mentors for the AMSA community.

AMWA-APSA: Supporting Female Physician-Scientists

APSA_Logo_Black1AWMA is proud to partner with APSA (the American Physician Scientist Association). APSA and AMWA share similar goals and objectives pertaining to women pursuing physician-scientist training and careers.  Both organizations are actively pursuing a collaboration that will strengthen each organization individually while simultaneously creating a reservoir of shared resources and ideas to empower future female physician-scientists and hence improve the scientific and medical communities for all. One of the joint initiatives between APSA and AMWA includes data gathering on the career and specialty interests of future physicians and physician scientists via the Tomorrow’s Physician Initiative survey. Significant survey data may be used to generate data-based policy recommendations at the national level to ensure the success, advancement, and retention of tomorrow’s woman physicians and physician scientists in all sectors of medicine.


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