Medical Student Division

Membership Benefits for Medical Students

AMWA membership is open to all those who wish to advance women in medicine and promote the health of women and their families. All medical students, graduate students, and undergraduates are invited to join as AMWA Medical Student Members.

Carnegie Mellon University

In addition to all AMWA Membership benefits, medical student members receive special benefits:

Scholarships, Grants and Awards

AMWA recognizes medical students with exceptional potential, achievements and ideas…

AMWA Medical Student Hosting Program

Find hosts and stay with AMWA members while you travel for residency interviews.


Get connected with other medical students at the local and regional level- and interact with physician leaders and mentors from all over the country.


Enjoy special discounts on test prep (our partners include Osmosis, Lecturio, Kaplan, AMBOSS, and Cram Fighter), financial planning and more…

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