Manwa Abdelmuhsen

Manwa Abdelmuhsen 1

Premedical Student Division Region 3 Director

Manwa Abdelmuhsen is a Palestinian-Muslim American studying biology at Drexel University. She is in her second year, about to enter into her third year, and she plans to get a BS in Biology and then go on to medical school. She always been fascinated with science and the human body, and she comes from a place of poor medical care and that is partly why she chose this path. She hopes to someday travel the world and maybe even participate in Doctors Without Boarders. She believes deeply that what the AMWA organization stands for, and is doing, is necessary in helping young women get ahead and achieve success in their medical career. There aren’t many resources and supportive places that allow young women to get the help they need to move forward, especially in foreign cultures. Manwa’s hopes in this upcoming year is to reach out to undergraduate institutions and help AMWA branch out as much as possible.