Kaitlyn Wray

amwa kate

Premed Division Treasurer

Katelyn Wray is a first year pre-health and Spanish major and a poverty studies minor at the University of Notre Dame.  Originally from Chicago, she has aspired to be a doctor since a young age.  She loves children and hopes to someday work as a pediatrician in the intensive care unit of a hospital.  She has previously worked at Saylor and Murphy Orthodontics, and really enjoyed the experience, especially learning about unique cases, which she then was able to see firsthand.  She also partook in Dr. Rubin’s Mini Medical School for High School Students, and was a teacher’s assistant in this program for two years.  It was a wonderful experience, and allowed her to truly see that the career was suited to her.  Through this program, she received firsthand experiences including taking vitals, suturing, casting, giving injections, performing dissections, delivering a baby from a simulator and more.  Last summer, she had the opportunity to work at a summer camp for kids with chronic illnesses and is excited to be continuing that work this summer.

Most recently, Katelyn has been involved in biology club, medical club, and hall council at Notre Dame.  She served as the Region 5 Director for AMWA nationally for the past two years, and looks forward to the new term.