Jennie Luu

Jennie 2

Premed Division President

Jennie Luu is a member of Texas Tech University’s Class of 2015. As a pre-medical student, Jennie was a cofounder of her own campus’s AMWA 2013 chapter, where she consecutively served as President for the next two years. Starting an AMWA chapter has allowed her to plan info sessions about the Affordable Care Act, set up a medical school applicant review program that allowed her chapter members to be formally reviewed by Texas Tech University’s Health Sciences Center, before applying to medical school, and led an AMWA mentoring program at a local high school in Lubbock, Texas. In the past, she has also served as the AMWA Undergraduate National Pre-Med Secretary, Region 9 Director, and is currently a part of the mentorship committee. Starting a webinar series for her local chapter back in Texas has also inspired her to work towards extending this program to other chapters for closer networking between AMWA medical students and physicians. Over the years, it has been important for her to continually provide guidance for newly established chapters in the pre-medical division, as long as coming up with new innovative opportunities for the division in the years to come.