Alexandra (Ali) Pincus, PhD

Immediate Past President

Alexandra Pincus (she/her) is an MD/PhD student at Oregon Health & Science University. She is the former Region 9 Director for AMWA and was a founding member and Executive Board member of the OHSU branch of AMWA. In these roles she has: organized community events with faculty to facilitate mentorship for medical students, created peer mentorship programs with undergraduates in Portland, directed research on gender inequality in medical education, and organized the recent AMWA west coast conference Strength through Stories: Intersectional Identities, Resilience, and Healing. She was a founder of the Women’s Leadership Development Program, a curriculum for women entering medical school that has been honored with awards at the local and national level. In recognition of her work towards strengthening the community of women in medicine, she was honored to receive the Anne C. Carter Student Leadership Award in 2021. She loves working with programs that affirm, engage, and empower her community of women leaders.

Ali completed a PhD in Neuroscience, and looks forward to pursuing her passion for science in parallel with her medical training going forward. In her free time she loves to read, try out various activities until she reaches a moderate level of competency and then abandon them, and take naps with her cat.

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