Cassandra Stegall

Student Division Region 9 Director

Strong females have always played a large role in my life. As a child, I can remember when one Christmas my mom bought me the book Women who changed the World. I poured over images of Frieda Kahlo for hours and was enthralled by the strength of Queen Elizabeth I. Being raised by a single mother who worked as a professional taught me lessons that have shaped my personal and professional life. In college at UC Berkeley, I held an executive position in my sorority and surrounded myself with strong women who bettered me every day. Once I made the commitment to a career in medicine, I have traversed towards a career in OB/GYN because I am deeply passionate about the importance of the doctor patient relationship and I want to serve as an advocate for my female patients. In my free time, I enjoy adventuring in the outdoors. I dabbled in ecology as an undergrad and conducted ecological marine science research in French Polynesia. My hobbies include running, scuba diving, bird watching, and reading.