Amirtha Shekar

Student Division Region 8 Director

Amirtha Shekar is a first-year medical student at the University of Texas Health and Science Center-Long School of Medicine. Interested in pursuing surgery, Amirtha has involved herself in various scholarly projects with the Cardiothoracic Surgery department, such as exploring post-operative fever and changes in resident training overtime. Her interest in scholarly work began at Rice University, and as a recent graduate, Amirtha coauthored a publication on ribosome biogenesis in cancer proliferation. Amirtha’s academic interest also includes women’s health, and she is currently a clinical lead for an HPV awareness program where her team presented its HPV education initiative findings at a national Public Health conference in 2023. Beyond academics, Amirtha is an avid oil painter, a passion she has nurtured for over 15 years and has spread to others as an instructor during her free time– this experience has defined her desire to enter a field where she can continue to use her hands. Her mission in medicine is to leave a lasting legacy for other women to identify with–her unconventional path into medicine, she hopes, will be an inspiration to others to also pursue their dreams and leave an impact on as many women in the field as possible.


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