Irene Arora
Student Division Region 5 Director

Getting involved with AMWA opens discussions about other aspects of life that females are often more exposed to than men such as gender inequality, domestic and gun violence. What I bring to the table is my unique perspective on being a minority as a Caribbean medical student who has seen the inequalities that women face both in other lesser developed countries and home in the United States. I wish to expand discussions open to women who’ve practiced and studied medicine throughout the country, learning how their experiences and perspective influence their viewpoint and practices. 

        As regional director I would like to connect multiple zones of medical students and practices together in order to create a shared space for exploration of other women’s experiences with medicine and the overall treatment of women’s health throughout the country with the integration of how useful and unique practices have been used to enhance women’s healthcare at here home. I hope to share AMWA’s all-inclusive mission statement making it known AMWA is open to women from all educational backgrounds and wants to hear from those who come from non-traditional backgrounds in hopes to add to the ever-growing diversity of AMWA’s members. 


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