Lekha Yesantharao



Student Division Recruitment Chair

Lekha is a second-year medical student from Houston, Texas studying at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. She received a BS in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University in May 2020, where she conducted research in systems biology and neuronal disorders, sang on an Indian-American fusion a cappella team, and became an expert at navigating the surprisingly sparse Taco Bell locations around New York City. In medical school, Lekha has sought to continue pursuing her passion for the intersection of engineering and medicine, working on surgical ergonomics and virtual audiometry. She has also conducted research around wellness within the otolaryngology department and representation of women and minorities at conferences as she explores her interests within medicine. She is passionate about advocating for underserved patient populations, mentorship, and empowering women in medicine. Outside of medical school, Lekha loves singing, eating Taco Bell, and watercolor painting.

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