Kailey Kowalski



Student Division Recruitment Chair

Hi my name is Kailey Kowalski and I am currently a third year medical student at Kansas City University. I am originally from Albany, New York and went to undergrad at Boston College. After college I spent an extra four years living in Boston and working at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. During that time, I met my partner and got my puppy (Tonic, like a gin and tonic), because of that Boston will forever have a piece of my heart. For the last year I served as the Region 7 director for AMWA and organized the regional conference, which recently happened in December. I have participated in the E-board for numerous clubs, acted as a student ambassador and completed a few research projects since my time at KCU began. Currently I am deciding what to do with the rest of my life, most likely being Internal Medicine. I truly enjoy the academic nature of medicine, such as the reason behind disease and why certain cures work. I also favor work/life balance, because while I love medicine, I want to enjoy my hobbies outside of it, including skiing, playing soccer, hanging out with my dog and cooking. 

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