Anne Drolet

Student Division President-Elect

Anne Drolet is currently a medical student at Michigan State University College of Human Medicine (MSU CHM), pursuing her medical doctorate, as well as a graduate certificate in public health. Past education experience includes a Master’s of Science from Wayne State University School of Medicine and a Bachelor’s of Science from Central Michigan University. Her current involvements include serving as President of her school’s AMWA Chapter, a Region 6 Community Service Co-Chair, an Advocacy Committee member, and the National External Relations Co-Chair. One of her passions is health education, and she currently helps to organize health outreach and education programs with a local low-income clinic. Professional goals include pursuing a career in women’s health, and possibly a role in academic medicine. She also has a strong interest in health policy, and aspires to contribute to improvements in the health system. In her free time, Anne likes to climb, drink coffee, and binge watch HGTV shows.