Kate O’Connor

Kate O'Connor 1

Student Division Region 6 Director

A native of Indianapolis, Kate O’Connor is a member of Indiana University School of Medicine, class of 2015. Kate graduated from Saint Louis University in 2007 with a BA in economics and a minor in biology. As an undergraduate she was a member of the varsity Swimming & Diving team, volunteered, and held leadership positions as a Delta Gamma.

In medical school, research, leadership involvement, and philanthropy enrich her IU experience. Kate volunteers at the IU Student Outreach Clinic, organizes charity concerts for the state children’s hospital, and is looking forward to her clinical experiences in Kenya.  AMWA is her most prized involvement, and she is constantly inspired and motivated by the women she meets. She has served as the Director of Programming and Vice President of the AMWA branch in Indianapolis. The faculty mentoring she has received through AMWA is invaluable, and she wishes for all women in this profession to have such mentoring. Having a soft spot for the Midwest, Kate is excited to represent the women of Region 6 and develop relationships and involvement.  She is looking forward to share this passion with past and present Region Directors.

Outside of school, Kate loves running and is developing her yoga practice. She has a history of being a book worm and makes live music a priority!