Shirin Ferdosian

Student Division Advocacy Chair

Shirin Ferdosian (she/her) is a third year medical student at Oregon Health & Science university. She is a former Executive Board member of the OHSU branch of AMWA who has a strong commitment to learn and advocate for emotional and psychological abuse. Shirin was born and raised in Iran, where she was considered a religious and sexual minority. She moved to the United States to overcome those challenges, but she remained a minority as being a female of color dealing with microaggressions and racial comments.  She has overcome many obstacles in her life which not only helped her grow stronger, but also taught her how to maintain a balance to pass through language, psychological, and racial challenges and reach her goal. She is still trying her best to overcome these challenges while expanding her knowledge and strength to build a community where everyone can learn about emotional and psychological abuse  and help each other to overcome obstacles.

Shirin graduated from Portland State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science. She has been volunteering and mentoring refugees to help with their language and cultural barriers. In her free time she loves to read, play volleyball, and watch Persian series. She is in the process of learning tennis, but she is not sure if she could reach a moderate level of competency anytime soon.


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