Kathryn Miller

Kathryn Miller 1

Premedical Student Division Secretary

Kathryn Miller is a third year premedical student at a five-year program at Drexel University. Medicine is a passion Kathryn found through 18 years of training in Ballet and a certification in Pilates. Having learned best practices in preventing and recovering from injuries and good nutrition, healthcare is Kathryn’s ideal career path. Ballet has played an integral part of the discipline she uses to manage her studies as Biology major with minors in Public Health and Dance at Drexel University. With the opportunity to work with people in the Drexel community hands on, Kathryn teaches Pilates to help clients find muscular strength and evenness in the spine. Kathryn volunteers at Magee Rehabilitation Hospital working with spinal cord injury and stroke survivors. She is an active volunteer and involves Drexel pre-med undergraduates in the Cure for Arthritis Foundation in Philadelphia.

Kathryn developed an undergraduate AMWA branch at Drexel in 2013 in efforts to connect students with the Philadelphia medical community, utilize AMWA’s opportunities for students, and increase awareness for women’s health issues. By starting AMWA at Drexel Kathryn hopes to inspire confidence in students to keep pursuing their goals in medicine. As National Undergraduate Secretary, Kathryn aims to deepen the connection between undergraduate divisions with the national and medical school AMWA divisions and further integrate the AMWA mission into the undergraduate program.