Medical Student Division

Global Health Opportunities

The mission of our Global Health division is to connect AMWA student members with resources for service and advocacy in global health.

According to the World Health Organization, Global Health implies “consideration of the health needs of the people of the whole planet above the concerns of particular nations.” We at AMWA Global Health are committed to empowering women medical students to aid underserved communities throughout the world and to advocate for better health practices in any community where there is a need. Perhaps one of our programs will provide some Global Health opportunities for you.

Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellowship

Application Cycle: August 2023 – 

The Anne C. Carter Global Health Fellowship awards 4 (four) AMWA student members with a two-year fellowship focused on global health.  The Carter Fellowship is both dynamic and multidisciplinary.  The first year focuses on a global health curriculum, local project development, and mentorship.  The second year focuses on in-depth planning and preparation for a medical service-learning trip (locally or internationally). The fellows selected for 2023- 2025 cohort will be the eleventh cohort of fellows and will be expected to actively work with their predecessors, as well as assist the subsequent class in their transition, to provide good continuity within the Fellowship.

Each Fellow will have approximately $1000 to fund her local project planning and to subsidize expenses for her local or international global health project. Fellows will not be required to travel abroad if medical school scheduling does not allow; however, all Fellows must plan a capstone project, even if the project addresses a more local global health issue.

For more information about the fellowship, please visit the Carter Fellow’s blog and check out the Fellowship Manual. Applications are accepted during the academic year beginning in August. Email completed applications and supplemental materials to Please submit applications only during the listed period. All applicants will receive email notification confirming receipt of application.

Application Process

  • Download the Application.
  • Download the Recommendation Form
  • Email completed applications and supplemental materials
  • Applicants will be notified of the panel’s decision by email three weeks to four weeks after the application cycle’s deadline.

American Women’s Hospitals Services

The American Women’s Hospitals Service (AWHS) has a long history of providing health services to patients in emergent need. The service grew out of the commitment of a group of women physicians to treat the wounded in World War I.  After the war, the AWHS continued throughout the 20th century to provide care during medical emergencies, establish public health services, and bring infectious disease treatment to underserved communities. Over time, it grew to include a focus on international health and was incorporated into AMWA in 1983.

AWHS provides grants of up to $1,500 for assistance with transportation costs associated with medical studies or service projects conducted in an off-campus setting where the medically neglected will benefit.  Click here to learn more about AWHS or here  to learn more about applying for an Overseas Assistance grant.

Learn More About AWHS Learn About Overseas Assistance Grants


Medical Women’s International Association

The goal of MWIA and yMWIA (young MIWA) is to promote the cooperation of medical women in different countries and to develop friendship and understanding between medical women throughout the world, while actively working against gender-related inequalities in the medical profession.  MWIA and yMWIA also offer medical women the opportunity to meet and confer about questions concerning the health and well-being of all humans.

Through partnerships with women medical students internationally, AMWA works to share information about health systems and challenges around the world and to create clinical educational exchanges.

Finally, we are committed to maintaining a list of global health opportunities and resources that women medical students can access for assistance in finding educational and service opportunities throughout the world as well as places to publish and present their experiences upon return to their home institutions.

Child Family Health International (CFHI)

Child Family Health International (CFHI) is an NGO providing community-based Global Health Education Programs for students of all levels interested in health or medicine.  Through CFHI participants go on 4-16 week placements alongside local healthcare professionals in Latin America, Africa, or India.  Participants rotate through clinics and hospitals, attend medical lectures, and become immersed in the healthcare system of the community. CFHI supports underserved communities abroad and is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations.

CFHI and AMWA have partnered together to provide AMWA members with a yearly $500 scholarship towards a CFHI program. Please click here for more information.