Medical Student Division

Leadership Elections and Committees

Voting for AMWA Student Elections is currently closed for the 2021 year.

For information on Committees, please scroll to the bottom of this page or visit the committees page to learn more about specific committees and working groups. AMWA national student members may be able to join committees and working groups at any point throughout the year. You can see our current leadership here. 

The following positions are voted upon by national student members each year.

Executive Positions

President-Elect (two year position)

Your president elect year is a learning year. You will sit on the board of directors, and take on a project of your choosing. As president-elect you also run elections for the following year’s leadership.

In your president year, you are responsible for coordinating the entire AMWA student division. This includes running monthly calls with the student leadership boards, and participating in monthly Board of Director calls with the entire AMWA Board. You will also be responsible for organizing committees and taking lead on various AMWA initiatives. You are required to travel to all AMWA conferences and there may be opportunities to travel to other national medical conferences to represent AMWA.

Treasurer-Elect (two year position)

Your treasurer-elect year is one of learning. In your treasurer year, you will be responsible for maintaining the AMWA budget and for reimbursing travel expenses, and awards. You will participate in the AMWA student executive committee and will have the opportunity to help shape the direction of the AMWA student division. You will be required to travel to AMWA conferences.


The primary responsibility of secretary is communications within the student division. You will send out the monthly Newsflash to all students. You will also coordinate all calls with national and regional directors and be responsible for taking notes during these calls. You will be a part of the AMWA executive committee and have an opportunity to help shape the direction of the AMWA student division.

Board Positions

Awards Chair

You will be responsible for reviewing applications for AMWA awards. AMWA gives out many monetary awards over the course of the year and you will be in charge of sending out applications for these awards and then creating a committee to review the applications. This position’s time commitment ebbs and flows. During the awards cycle you may have to spend a few hours a week reviewing awards, but there are weeks where you will not have to spend much time on this position.

Philanthropy/Fundraising Chair

This position helps organize an annual fundraiser where we often sell AMWA apparel. This position also helps develop service projects for AMWA members to participate in at conferences. There is also opportunity for developing your own service project to have AMWA members participate in. For instance, this year our Philanthropy chair led a toiletry drive where interviewing students collected toiletries to donate.

Social Media Chair

This position is responsible for overseeing the @AMWAStudents twitter account and student content provided to the @AMWAdoctors instagram account. You will attend regular AMWA Social Media Committee meetings, and be in charge of the med student division’s social media team. This year, we selected 3 medical student members with social media experience to help, but this will be your decision and responsibility. You will also create (and/or delegate them to team members) Canva graphics within the branding guidelines.

Mentorship Chair

You are part of the Mentorship Committee and will work closely with a Chair from each AMWA division (premedical, resident & physician). You’re responsible for organizing mentorship programming such as bimonthly webinars, discussion calls and activities at the annual conference. You also help members utilize the Mentorship Database so they can form mentor-mentee relationships. The committee works as a team to generate new content and connect with speakers for the webinars. The medical student chair is responsible for monitoring ongoing projects and scheduling webinars, discussions, and planning calls. If you have ideas for additional mentorship initiatives the Mentorship Committee gladly works with you to implement new ideas.

Programming Chair

This position oversees and helps develop AMWA specific programming. For example, you will be responsible for maintaining AMWA’s bed and breakfast program as well as the Be One, Teach One program that helps AMWA branches do outreach in local communities. This position offers tremendous room for growth and innovation. If there is a program or a cause that you are passionate about, you can use this position to try and implement a new program for AMWA.

External Relations

This position is responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with other organizations’ student divisions such as the AMA and AMSA. Additionally, this position works with companies like Kaplan, Pastest, and more to help get benefits for AMWA members (i.e. discounts on test banks, etc.)  You are responsible for updating the Memorandums of Understanding with all of the organizations we work with.

Advocacy Chair

This position is responsible for integrating students into AMWA’s many advocacy initiatives including HPV, Opioid Addiction, etc. In this position you will have the opportunity to work with other advocates in AMWA and advocate and promote physician wellness and women’s health.

Recruitment Chair

This position is responsible for increasing AMWA membership. You will send information out to schools that do not have branches and will be in charge of approving new branches when they submit applications. You will also help spearhead recruitment of students to join AMWA.

Global Health Chair

This position is responsible for overseeing the student Global Health fellowships that AMWA offers. You will be in charge of disseminating and reviewing applications, as well as allocating the funds and making sure that there is appropriate follow up from fellowship recipients.

Conference Co-Chair (2 year position)

This position is responsible for organizing student programming at AMWA conferences. You will help organize poster sessions by reviewing abstracts as well as organizing seminars, workshops, and speaker series. You will also be in charge of allocating AMWA travel funding to students traveling to the conference. One conference co-chair will be elected each year.

Regional Directors

Applicants must be from the region to apply for director.

As a regional director, you will be responsible for overseeing all of the AMWA branches in your region. You are expected to keep an updated list of branches and have frequent contact with branch presidents about what is going on in AMWA. You will also plan a regional conference (with some funding help from AMWA) that will take place in August-December, 2020. While the conference needs to support AMWA’s mission of advancing women in medicine, you will have the opportunity to design and coordinate a conference that is meaningful to you and the other branches in your region. You may also work with the pre-med regional directors to set up mentorship and shadowing programs. Visit this page to learn how the regions are organized, and explore Region webpages.

AMWA Committees and Task Forces

AMWA Committees are comprised of physician, resident, medical student, and pre-medical student members who are dedicated to educating and advocating about specific topics. Some committees may be led be a student chair. Committees usually meet monthly. Any national student member may join a committee at any point throughout the year, and committee membership may extend beyond one year depending on project needs and interest. For a full list of AMWA committees, please visit this page. The committees below are actively recruiting for student members:

Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) Task Force

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) Gun Violence Prevention (GVP) Task Force was created to recognize the significant impact of gun violence on communities across the country, and the considerable medical repercussions of gun violence. The tolls that gun violence take on our communities need to be addressed as a public health issue using evidence-based approaches. With over 5000 women physician members and a presence in over 100 medical schools throughout the country, AMWA is uniquely positioned to work toward the following missions:
  • Listening to community needs for environmental justice: To attend listening tours across the country to support a safe and nurturing environment for all
  • Clinical education on gun violence as a public health issue: To create and deliver content for medical education on gun violence as a physical and psychiatric medical issue
  • Legislative advocacy for equitable prevention: To advocate for gun violence prevention policies and the increase in funding for research into gun violence
You can read more here. Get involved with our GVP Task Force! If you are interested in joining the task force, please email us at and Follow us on Twitter @AMWAGVTF, or on Facebook as the American Medical Womens Association Gun Violence Prevention Task Force.

Gender Equity Committee

The American Medical Women’s Association Gender Equity Task Force (AMWA GETF) strives to accomplish gender equity as a fact of life in society, and to engage in activities, action and collaborations pursuant to this goal, beginning with the healthcare industry of which women physicians are one component. If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to join one of our meetings on the first Tuesday of the month at 5PM PST. You can email our administrative assistant directly to be placed on the email list: