AMWA Student Region 7

Region 7 includes Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wisconsin

Thank you to the 200 students who attended the 2018 Region 7 Conference at Washington University in St. Louis!

To get in touch with a specific branch or if you do not see your branch, please email Region 7 Director Shalvinder Seehra at

Arkansas State University

  • Co-President: Amany Abunimeh
  • Co-President: Hanain Fazal

AT Still University of Health Sciences

  • President: Alyssa Nelson

Creighton University School of Medicine

  • President: Kimberly Lowder

Des Moines University

  • President: Alexandra Cooke

Mayo Medical School

  • Co-President: Sydney Larkin
  • Co-President: Cynthia Chweya
  • Co-President: Sujaytha Paknikar

Medical College of Wisconsin

  • President: Liz Wendt

Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine

  • President: Hannah Kramer

Saint Louis University School of Medicine

  • Co-Leader: Haley Lower
  • Co-Leader: Abigael Finkle
  • Co-Leader: Yue Ran Sun
  • Co-Leader: Chu Hyuan Kim

University of Arkansas

  • President: Alexandrea Kim

University of Iowa

  • President: Pavane Gorrepati

University of Kansas

  • Co-President: Elizabeth Parrot
  • Co-President: Erin Calhoun

University of Minnesota

  • Co-President: Ally Fuher
  • Co-President: Kenzie Maki

University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine

  • President: Shalvinder Seehra

University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

  • Co-President: Anna Maria Maples
  • Co-President: Laura Meidl

University of Nebraska Medical College

  • President: Courtney Cahoy

University of North Dakota

  • President: Ana Schroeder

University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

  • Co-President: Carlie Pearson
  • Co-President: Allison Drummond

University of South Dakota

  • Co-Leader: Kenzie Lee
  • Co-Leader: Erin Sternhagen
  • Co-Leader: Karina Ortman
  • Co-Leader: Develyn Vetos

University of Wisconsin

  • President: Brenna Funfar

Washington University School of Medicine

  • Co-President: Caroline Snowden
  • Co-President: Kelsey Krus