Marjorie Zauderer

Marjorie Zauderer is a medical oncologist specializing in the care of patients with lung cancer and mesothelioma. Her practice aims to provide personalized care to patients throughout the course of their treatment. She also conducts clinical trials focused on novel therapies for the treatment of mesothelioma and lung cancer. Several trials with novel agents and new approaches are ongoing in our multidisciplinary Mesothelioma Program and Thoracic Oncology Service.

Dr. Zauderer has a particular interest in patients who have inherited a predisposition to cancer. She is leading a clinical BAP1 program to investigate the recently identified inherited mutations in the BAP1 gene (BRCA associated protein-1) that predispose patients to malignant pleural mesothelioma and uveal melanoma as well as renal cell carcinoma, lung cancer, and meningiomas. In addition, she is conducting research to test new drugs for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer and mesothelioma as well as to optimize the care of patients with multiple primary lung cancers.